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Why Choose Employment Hero?

Employment Hero is the smarter way to manage people, payroll and productivity for SMEs with big ambitions.
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Managing your team from here, there and anywhere, just got a whole lot easier.

Thousands of Aussie businesses are using Employment Hero to better manage their HR, payroll and employee benefits.

When you make the switch, you will:

  • Reduce paperwork and save time on administration 
  • Streamline your hiring process from advertising to onboarding
  • Stay compliant with contracts, HR documents and templates
  • Make employee management easy with electronic timesheets and leave management
  • Centralise your data and enjoy secure access from your desktop or mobile app
  • Seamless integration and local Australian support
  • Give your team access to a huge range of benefits including discounts on health insurance, gym memberships, gift cards and thousands of everyday items. 

By Aussies, for Aussies.

Born in 2014 in Sydney, Employment Hero has been helping thousands of local businesses automate their HR and payroll.

What started out as an idea almost eight years ago, has since become one of the fastest-growing scale-up companies in Australia. With over 400 employees and counting, we’ve got the local tools and resources to help you and your business thrive.

Our mission is to make employment easier and more valuable for everyone, and this includes empowering Aussie SMBs with the confidence they need to manage their team. After all, no one starts a business to be an employer.

We have a team of local HR and payroll professionals in Australia to help you. Our team are ready to help and provide you with everything you need to employ staff and grow your team with confidence.

Employment Hero awards

A few recent awards and ratings

Trusted by some of Australia’s most-loved small and medium-sized businesses

Employment Hero connects and empowers 5,300 businesses across the world with a suite of powerful employment features. We’re launching employers toward their goals, powering more productive teams and taking employment to rewarding new heights.

When you sign up to Employment Hero, you’ll be alongside the likes of F45 Retail Food Group, Flora & Fauna, Amazonia, Riverland Group and so many more…

We’re one of the first 100 founding companies to join the Tech Council of Australia.

The Tech Council of Australia is a group of companies that advocate for the conditions technology companies need to grow, attract investment and create jobs through policy, research and engagement.

Together, Employment Hero and the Tech Council aims to:

  • See 1 million people employed in tech jobs by 2025
  • Increase tech’s economic contribution to $250 billion by 2030
  • Make Australia the best country in the world to create and invest in tech companies

Tech Council of AustraliaMembers of the Tech Council of Australia


Not all HR and payroll software is created equal

Choosing any type of new software for your business can be overwhelming. With so many requirements needed for your team, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Our advice? Start local.

We’re an Australian business and we’ve been helping Australian businesses for over seven years.

We know the ins and outs of our complex payroll legislation.

We know all of the upcoming HR trends and best practices in Australia.

And we know what Australian employees and employers want.

But, the main thing? We know Australian businesses.

Local payroll built for Australian businesses

Australia has one of the most complex employment law and payroll systems in the world. Time and time again we see businesses getting it wrong. Between payroll tax, STP, Modern Awards and other HR and payroll jargon, it can be confusing to know if you’re doing everything right. We know all of the local laws so you can have confidence that you’re doing the right thing, every time.

Automate as much of your payroll processes as you like by harnessing the power of a fully integrated HR and payroll platform. Reduce double data handling and the errors that come with it, and never lose a timesheet or leave request again.

Automatic award interpretation

Modern Awards are continually changing. Just when you think you’re up-to-date, along come new award provisions, minimum shift rulings, or other entitlements – and you need to go through the entire process with a fine-tooth comb.

In Australia, Award interpretation is complex, but critical to get right. You need to apply the correct pay rules in order to trigger the correct pay for your employees. Get it wrong and you could be facing the hefty penalties that go with underpaying employees, along with reputational damage.

When it comes to Modern Awards, there’s a lot to get right. Under modern awards, your employees’ remuneration changes based on their age, employee type (part-time, full-time, or casual), or whether they are a trainee or apprentice.

Then there are changes based on time of day, penalty rates for weekends and public holidays, as well as overtime. You need to factor in tax deductions and superannuation too, and comply to ATO reporting rules. Plus, there are other rules for minimum and maximum shifts, leave entitlements, accident pay and various allowances for travel, uniforms or protective gear.

With so much to cover, making a mistake is all too easy. In platform, you’ll find 45 of the most common modern awards already defined and ready to use, or you’ll have the ability to create your own dynamic rule sets to streamline your pay runs. We’ll help you take the heavy lifting of managing payroll with our automatic award interpretation. It’s ready to go when you are.

Seamless integrations that work with you, not against you.

Already have a payroll system that you love? We integrate with some of Australia’s most popular payroll systems.

  • KeyPay
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • MYOB

How can Employment Hero help your business?

We all know how overwhelming employee management can be and how hard it is to prioritise what you should do next. In fact, even when you’ve just taken on a system like Employment Hero (that’s designed to save time and make life easier), it can be difficult to find the time to implement it correctly.

But have you ever thought what you could do if you had more time to focus on what’s really important to you?

Nicholas Luhman, recruitment coordinator at Stedmans, said that after launching Employment Hero, he was able to turn his attention to the future of the company: “With all this time freed up from process-driven paperwork, I’ve now been able to turn my attention to the future. For us, this means growing our people and investing in performance management.” By investing time in going live with Employment Hero, you’ll win more time for yourself (and staff) later on.

Here’s what you get when you prioritise going live with Employment Hero first thing after signing up:

1. A magical onboarding experience

Save countless hours onboarding new hires to focus on other important HR tasks.

Employment Hero reduces the time it takes to onboard new employees from three days to three hours by allowing you to automate onboarding tasks and customise the flow for each team – creating specific policies, contracts and induction content for them to acknowledge.

2. Peace of mind that you are compliant

The Employment Hero HR platform takes into account all the national employment standards and labour laws. We have a team of lawyers on-site to maintain all the HR documents and policies inside the platform so that they are always up-to-date, reducing errors in compliance and risk.

Additionally, centralised information prevents version control issues – such as the use of old contracts and agreements.

3. One-click compliance features

Automatic VEVO Checks help you ensure that your employees are eligible to work, all with a click of a button. This is especially useful for businesses who regularly hire employees on working visas.

Also, the brand new Electronic Tax File Number Declaration (e-TFND) allows you to electronically lodge employee tax declarations with the ATO, saving you time and money.

4. Get better at retaining top talent

Employment Hero gives you the right tools to make your employees happier. Using our automated onboarding, you can engage people from their first day with training, rather than having them spend hours signing, scanning and emailing piles of paper and TinyPulse helps you check in on how your employees are feeling about the business.

Also, by using Employment Hero’s buying power to offer special perks and discounts to your employees, you’ll help them make their salary to go further!

5. Be ready for rapid growth

Because it automates all of the admin work, Employment Hero is the perfect tool to support rapid-growth companies and move businesses towards a more paperless workplace. Above all, it will allow you to free yourself (and staff) of the mundane manual HR tasks that add no value to the business – and reinvest that time into helping your business grow.

Are you ready to streamline your HR and Payroll tasks, have peace of mind about your compliance and save time to focus on what really matters? Then it’s time to prioritise going live with Employment Hero! Log in now to start the process.

Want to know more about how our customers use their free time to grow their business? Click here to read our success stories and get inspired!

6. Safe and secure

Serious about security? So are we. We’ve achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification giving you peace of mind that your employee data is in the safest hands

Trust is a core value of Employment Hero, so we take protecting your data really seriously. We use the same level of encryption standards and industry-leading technology that banks use to manage the security and integrity of your HR data. We have also achieved ISO 27001 compliance.

Learn more about how Employment Hero handles data here. 

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