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$0Per Employee, Per Month

  • Get Started
  • Includes the following features:
  • Employee Files
  • Independent Contractors
  • Paperless Onboarding
  • Mobile App
  • Employment Contracts
  • HR Documents
  • Knowledge Base
  • VEVO Checks
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Engagement Survey

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$6Per Month, Per Employee

  • Includes Free features plus:
  • Employee Certifications
  • Menu Customisation
  • Security Groups
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Induction Content
  • Policies
  • Leave Requests
  • Daily Timesheets
  • Safety and Incident Reporting
  • Unlimited VEVO Checks
  • Organisation Chart


$9Per Month, Per Employee

  • Includes Standard features plus:
  • Performance Reviews
  • Goal Setting
  • Employee Allowances
  • Employee Audit Trails
  • Employee Medical Disclosure Statements
  • Custom Reports Beta
  • Employee Requisition Workflows Beta
  • Onboarding Approval Workflows Beta
  • Award Interpretation*
  • Weekly Timesheets
  • Bulk VEVO Checks & History Status



Employment Hero is Australia’s most comprehensive and advanced payroll and workforce planning system. Built from the ground up in the cloud, our payroll system is available for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

$6 Per Employee Per Month

Our rostering engine gives you the ability to generate dynamic and accurate work rosters that reflect both your business resource needs and your employee preferences. Maximises your workforce potential whilst maintaining the critical balance between service expectations and containing payroll costs.

ADD Technical Advisory Line
$1.50 Per Employee Per Month

Technical Advice Line is designed to help you get the most of the Employment Hero platform. Simply phone one of our experts between 8:30am - 5:30pm AEDT and they’ll provide you with expert platform support. After each call, they’ll also provide an itemised summary of what you’ve discussed for future reference.

ADD HR Advisory Line
$5 Per Employee Per Month

HR Advisory Line gives you access to highly trained workplace consultants over the phone or via email. They’re here to provide pragmatic advice, guidance and recommendations to help you make informed decisions when dealing with complex HR issues. They can provide advice over the phone or via email on a wide range of matters including Application of National Employment Standard Conditions, employee behaviour and performance management, termination, award and enterprise agreement interpretation and contract interpretation.

ADD Payroll Advisory Line
$5 Per Employee Per Month

Pay Advisory Line gives you access to payroll specialists who provide guidance and recommendations on payroll issues to help you make informed, compliant decisions for your business. They can provide advice over the phone or via email on a range of issues including complex payroll calculations, STP, verifying PAYG withholding obligations, superannuation (as pertains to payroll) and employer tax file declaration. They can also help with a range of payroll software administration issues including navigation and best practice.

ADD Ultimate Advisory Package
$9 Per Employee Per Month

Ultimate Advisory Line gives you access to all three Hero Help packages (Technical Aadvisory, HR Advisory and Payroll Advisory). This is the ultimate (and best value) option to ensure support is always at hand when you need it.

ADD An Employee Assistance Program
$4 Per Employee Per Month

An EAP is a confidential counselling service you can offer to your employees to help them deal with personal or work related problems in a positive way. Our EAP involves confidential short-term counselling to assist your employees in overcoming life's challenges and return to a better state of emotional wellbeing, helping to make them a happier and more productive part of your business.


 Plays real nice with payroll providers:


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