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The smarter way to manage HR, people, payroll and productivity. For Malaysian small and medium businesses on the up.

Do it all with Employment Hero

It's HR Software
By humans.
Onboard new recruits online in Malaysia. Make performance reviews a breeze. Manage your HR and people with built in contracts, policies and HR templates that are ready to go when you need them.
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Take your business to the next level

Culture and performance.
It’s up and up.
Develop feedback loops, set KPIs and design custom performance reviews. Quickly build a positive performance culture for your business — where everyone is aiming for the same goals.
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People analytics.
In real-time.
Know what your people want. Stay compliant, keep happiness high and understand how to make strategic decisions with data.
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Wellbeing at work.
The lift you're looking for.
Help your people be better versions of themselves— financially, physically and mentally. Share expert advice and handy tools for all aspects of life. Because there’s more to work than work.
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Global teams.
Now anywhere.
Hire anyone in Malaysia or from anywhere in the world, with ease. Manage remote teams. Say goodbye to admin with automated local compliance - so you can stay focused on your people.
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