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Be your client’s hero. Join our Referral Program.

Get rewarded when you refer your clients through to us — all while growing your business and strengthening your client relationships. It's a win-win.

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Your partner in payroll and employment success

Employment Hero solves employment. We deliver world-class payroll, HR and employment services built on industry-leading technology. Give your clients the tools they need to help them stay compliant, save time and costs, making you look like the hero.

Why become a referral partner?

Unlock additional revenue

For every successful referral, earn a bonus equal to 10% of the referred clients subscription costs for the first year.

Save costs and increase efficiency

We help your clients save time on payroll and HR - you maintain your client relationships. Deliver what they need, in the best possible way.

Grow and innovate your business

We give you the resources and innovative solutions to stay ahead, adapt to changes more quickly and drive success.
Who is the Referral Program for?

For businesses looking to add an additional revenue stream, add value to services, or change the way they manage payroll and HR for clients. If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, business services firm, consultant or serve SMEs in financial services, utilities or telco, get in touch with us.

Add more value for clients

Unlock new opportunities for your clients when you refer them to us. With your involvement, our team will solve your client’s HR and Payroll problems.

Your clients will receive the best service and tools in employment, allowing you to focus on what you do best:

Be your client's hero

Our Referral Program is designed to help you expand your client base, increase revenue and grow your business.

Let us minimise your payroll and employment admin. You’ll love us, and your clients will love you in return.

Here's why our partners love us

Become a Referral Partner. Join the Employment Hero Partner Network today.


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