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Be your client's hero. Join our Partner Network.

Partnering with Employment Hero gives you access to our payroll & HR tools and services to help your clients save time, stay compliant and work easy.

Unlock new opportunities
Create value-add for your clients
Grow your business
Let's Connect
Let's Connect
Unlock new opportunities
Create value-add for your clients
Grow your business
Your partner in payroll and employment success

Employment Hero solves employment. We give you the resources, innovative solutions and industry-leading tools to stay ahead, unlock new opportunities and drive success. With our partner programs you can add more value to your services - all while growing your business and strengthening your client relationships. It’s a win-win.

Here’s why our partners love us

“As I sit here today, I’m proud to say that we’re able to service clients all over the world and we use Employment Hero Payroll as the operational backbone in our Australian, New Zealand, Singapore and UK ops.”
Daniel James, Chief Operations Officer

Why join the Partner Network?

Client stickiness

Create value-add and enhance your service offering to improve client retention, loyalty and trust. Save time and improve efficiencies for your clients without the need for hiring extra staff.

Get the support to succeed

We value collaboration and understand the importance of a strong support system that aligns to your business goals. As a partner, you’re not just a part of our network you’re an integral member of our team.

Unlock new opportunities

Partnering with Employment Hero means expanding your reach, entering new markets and gaining access to valuable resources to help your business thrive.

Tailored to you. Choose from our partner types.


Let’s turn payroll into a profit centre for your firm. Elevate accuracy and time saved to refocus efforts on your strategic goals, without having to hire additional resources.


Optimise your and your payroll processes while saving costs. Our bookkeeping partners can grow their client base and add further value – without increasing workload.

Outsourced Payroll Providers

Deliver an efficient and compliant payroll service for your clients, while reducing time spent on admin tasks by up to 90%. Manage multiple clients from our dedicated partner dashboards. Accuracy and automation has never been easier.

Software providers

Add an end-to-end cloud payroll solution to your SaaS offering, without the need for extensive time or cost investment.

IT service businesses

Add an end-to-end cloud solution to your tech stack integrated with NetSuite and Microsoft Business Central. We equip you with the support you need to provide managed services for your clients.

Consultancies or Business Service Firms

Accountants, bookkeepers, business services firms, consultants, utilies, telcos or those who serve SMEs in financial services can refer their clients to Employment Hero on an ongoing basis to earn attractive margins and provide extra value to their services.

B2B businesses

We work with banks, insurance firms professional associations or technology companies. With a strategic alliance, you can build on your acquisition strategy and increase brand awareness.

The value of Employment Hero partnership

Resources to help you grow

Enjoy comprehensive support, tools and resources to and grow your service. Partners are supported by a dedicated partner support team and have exclusive access to benefits such as training discounts.

Increase lifetime value

We’re here to make payroll, HR and productivity easy. In conjunction with your products and services, we continuously invest in our offering to increase your reputation, credibility and value.

Boost your brand

Employment Hero services over 300,000 SMBs globally and is defined by innovation, reliability and outstanding customer service. Partnering with us shows your support in our mission to make employment easier and more rewarding, for everyone.

Clear paths to profitability

Our partner programs are designed to provide clear and rewarding paths to profitability. We have a number of partner models to meet your business goals.

Be your client's hero. Join our Partner Network.

Get started on the path to employment and payroll success. Your clients will love you for it.
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