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About Employment Hero.

We exist to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone in New Zealand.

Most business owners and managers are passionate about growing a great business, but struggle to navigate the legalities and admin associated with hiring and managing staff. We help take the pain out of being an employer, so you can focus on what matters.

We empower New Zealand’s SMEs by providing automated solutions for employee management and engagement, payroll and global resourcing. Over 5,000 businesses world-wide use Employment Hero and together we collectively manage over 200,000+ employees.

HR System

Be more efficient in your day-to-day. Our customers tell us that we save them 80% of their administration time by automating manual tasks and auto-populating data across the platform. We also help them avoid double data entry and the risk of human error. Be confident you’re compliant. With a library of compliant contracts, and policies that are consistently reviewed by our team of employment specialists, we help businesses be more confident that they're doing the right thing by their employees.

Reward and Recognise

Engaged employees make the best employees, so we make it simple for you to make sure your team is engaged with features like reward and recognition, announcements, peer-to-peer shout outs, milestone recognition, performance reviews and goal setting.


With Employment Hero Payroll, you can automate most of the payroll decision-making processes with custom rule sets. This includes overtime rules, conditional pay rules, allowances, penalty rates and auto-pay increases. We also offer robust rostering, time and attendance and reporting tools. Our implementation experts will work with you to make sure your payroll rules are tested and set up for your business needs, making payroll management as easy as possible.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning is a fully functional LMS that allows you to build, manage, assign, track and report on all your learning and training needs, from induction and work health and safety training, right through to professional development and leadership skills. Employers with existing training content can now host this in Employment Hero, making it part of induction and even requiring completion before employees can be added to the roster. An audit trail will also help employers feel confident that they are compliant when it comes to policy acknowledgements and more.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Advertise, Interview, Hire and Onboard, all from the one place. Employment Hero's ATS is not only a robust solution for total employee lifecycle management but can help improve your pool of candidates by over 40%, helping you find the perfect match for the role, and your business.

Global Teams

Our Global Teams service doesn’t just help you hire and pay your employees. Remote team members can access our suite of employee engagement tools (plus employee benefits) no matter where they live. With Employment Hero and Global Teams, you will have one single system for your entire workforce, meaning your remote employees are part of the team from day one.

Pricing Core HR.

Simple and transparent plans to help you achieve your objectives.
*pricing in NZ dollars

* Standard and Premium Minimum $99 per month
** Platinum Minimum $199 per month


per employee / month
Applicant tracking
Compliant contracts
Admin and reporting
Employee Engagement


per employee / month
Premium plus:
Goals and OKRs
Custom branding
API Connector

Pricing Payroll.

Fast and easy online payroll that integrates with HR.
Automate all your manual processes and improve compliance.
*pricing in NZ dollars

*Minimum $100 per month


per employee / month
Flexible payroll management
Comprehensive reporting
Accounting integration


per employee / month
Standard plus:
Pay conditions engine
Time and attendance

Pricing Global Teams.

Global Teams democratises remote work, connecting the right people with the right businesses the right way.

Global Teams Hire

Contact us to learn more
World class candidates
Employer of Record
Consistent compliance
Fair for all involved
One Team - One Culture

Our Awards.

Customer Testimonials.

All up, I’d say we save about 20 hours each week across the departments, which adds up to between 80-100 hours a month, depending on how busy we are!

Nicholas Luhman - Recruitment Coordinator

As soon as our hiring started to ramp up, it was clear to me that it would be difficult to sustain such manual processes. Employment Hero has made onboarding and HR management one thousand times easier.

Mitchell Usher - Operations Manager

The centralisation of employee information solves the problem of having paper files distributed around the various venues, because now they’re in one central place that I can access.

Michelle Tankey - HR & Compliance Manager

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