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Hire Employees faster, no more job ads needed

Experience a new way to hire. Our AI platform uses your website information to auto-create common job roles, matches active jobseekers to them and lets you contact those who fit your needs. The best part - you only pay once they're hired!

Save up to 80% of recruiting costs.

First 3 hires are free. Pricing only $300 per successful hire after that

Writing job ads, promoting placements, sourcing candidates, onboarding and other hiring admin can add up to $5,500 per hire on average

Employment Hero's AI solutions reduce these costs by up to 80%

Curious about how it works?

Take a tour, and discover how to find candidates, create talent pipeline

SmartMatch benefits

  • Save two weeks on admin and hiring. No more writing job ads or sifting through CVs.
  • Never pay for a job board (or ad) again – just pay for successful hires.
  • Jobseekers come from Employment Hero’s own talent pool Swag Jobs and can’t be accessed elsewhere.

The Problem 😤

In today's fast-paced world, finding the right talent can be both time-consuming and costly. Traditional recruitment methods often involve:

  • Spending valuable time posting job ads
  • Incurring high costs on advertising
  • Sifting through endless resumes

Our solution 🚀

Find your next hire in seconds.

SmartMatch evaluates candidates' skills and experience and then curates a list of the most suitable applicants based on your company's needs.

  • Access skilled candidates without posting a job ad
  • Spend less time and money sourcing candidates
  • Build a talent pipeline with a dynamic stream of candidates

How does it work?

Skip the admin

Never write a job description or hire a recruiter again. Simply enter your business’s website URL, and SmartMatch’s AI will create your listings from start to finish.

Find Your Perfect Hire

Access over a million candidates sourced from Swag, Employment Hero’s platform for job seekers. Top candidate profiles will be selected by AI to ensure the best profiles are suggested. All candidates are active, screened, and updated daily.

Review, Contact and Hire

Explore dynamic lists of top talent and access CVs and work histories securely and conveniently. Once you've found the right candidate, seamlessly transition them to the onboarding process right from SmartMatch.

Not Ready to Hire? Get Ahead.

Stay ready for opportunities, you have a ready pool of top talent to quickly fill roles as opportunities arise. This proactive approach keeps your business agile, minimising downtime and boosting productivity.

Stay Informed with Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into industry trends and candidate behaviours, allowing you to build a strong talent pipeline and make informed decisions when the time comes to expand your team.

Effortlessly Cover Shifts & New Projects

Quickly find and connect with available job seekers in your area to cover shifts and resource new projects. SmartMatch is designed to be the fastest way to hire, providing you with a diverse and skilled candidate pool.

Trusted by thousands of businesses across the world.

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Streamline your hiring process with SmartMatch

Build Pipelines and Connect with Top Talent

SmartMatch uses AI to analyse candidates’ skills, experience, and certifications, delivering a list of work-ready candidates directly to you. Skip sifting through irrelevant resumes and get matched with top talent, start meaningful conversations, and fast-track the hiring process.

Predict Future Hiring Needs

Anticipate future roles and proactively build your talent pipeline. When it’s time to hire, you’ll have a list of top candidates ready to go. SmartMatch is a game-changer for businesses aiming to attract, connect, and hire the right talent.

Fill Roles More Quickly and Efficiently

SmartMatch combines advanced recruitment technology with a robust candidate pool, eliminating the need for job advertisements. This reduces the time required to fill positions, facilitating faster and more efficient recruitment processes.

Ensure Bias Reduction

By focusing on skills and experiences rather than personal identification information, SmartMatch promotes fair and unbiased hiring practices, helping reduce biases in the workplace.

Get Better Candidate Alignment

SmartMatch tailors candidate recommendations to your specific role requirements, presenting the best matches for your business. Save time on creating job ads and reviewing applications, with pre-screened candidates available on demand, reducing the time to fill positions by at least two weeks.

Generate New Opportunities

SmartMatch’s evolving nature allows employers to create previously unconsidered job roles, opening up new opportunities for both employers and job-seekers. Adapt quickly to new trends and demands, ensuring job descriptions and candidate matches remain relevant in a constantly changing job market.

See SmartMatch in action

SmartMatch transforms hiring with innovative technology. Build you talent pipeline effortlessly, whether you're hiring now or planning for the future. Streamline recruitment, save time and ensure your team is ready to scale.

SmartMatch FAQs

Yes, all candidates displayed with SmartMatch have consented to share their information with potential hiring managers. Some may limit their communication preferences to the platform only.

After your 3 free hires, SmartMatch costs from $300 AUD per hire. It is also currently available with ‌our paid HR subscription, at no additional cost.

SmartMatch uses AI to filter through over a million job seeker profiles, eliminating the need for you to create job ads or write descriptions. By analysing the information provided during account setup, SmartMatch creates your profile for you, and filters through hundreds of job seekers to recommend candidates based on the job location and role type in your organisation.

SmartMatch uses Swag profiles with candidates’ interests, education, and experiences to recommend suitable candidates based on job location and role type.

Candidates are sourced from Swag, Employment Hero’s platform for job seekers.

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