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HR reporting software.

All your people analytics in one place.

Know what your people want. Stay compliant, keep happiness high and understand how to make strategic decisions with HR data.

One HR Dashboard. All your people data.

Understand your workforce

Who are your team? Understand the make-up of your workplace with custom reports whether it's gender, age, tenure or location.

Keep track of important tasks

Managing HR analytics can be tricky. Streamline all of your to-do's and keep everything organised in one place.

Strategic thinking starts now

Save time on admin and take your business strategy to the next level. Get the most out of our HR reporting tools so you can reach your ambitious goals.

HR reporting and people analytics. Easier than ever.

Digital Asset Register

Have a long list of company assets? Let the asset register do the heavy lifting. Whether it’s laptops, iPads, mobiles, tools and cars, assigning and tracking company assets has never been more simple.

Custom report builder

Take hold of your company data and lift your business higher. Create and edit detailed HR reports with information that matters to you – so you make the most informed decisions.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance is confusing. We’ll help take the guesswork out. Efficiently check on areas at risk and address them before they become a problem.

“As an experienced employment relations professional, I can attest to the delivery of a contemporary, 100% compliant, professional, high quality, cost-effective and fully integrated HR and payroll solution—and much more! The value add to small and medium businesses is simply invaluable.”
Judy Ann Fenton, HR Consultant

HR reporting software FAQs

HR reporting software is an HR tool that allows human resources professionals to gather and analyse data related to various HR metrics. This software enables HR professionals to generate reports on various HR-related data points such as employee performance, employee turnover, workforce demographics, and more.

HR reporting software can help an HR department by improving decision-making based on data, increasing efficiency through automated data collection and analysis, and the ability to identify patterns and trends for better HR strategy development.

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