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Simplify your payroll.
With a single touch.

Save time and pay your people with automated payroll. Enjoy the benefits of Single Touch Payroll (STP) and take care of workforce planning – all in one simple place.

STP. It’s payroll. Just faster.
Improve compliance

Compliance is challenging – but that’s where we can help. Be confident you’re doing the right thing, every time.

PAYG and Award interpretation

Take the guesswork out of the tricky stuff. Keep up to date and use our in-built award interpretation feature that makes payroll a breeze.

Seamless reporting

Powerful reporting tools that can lift your team higher. Understand reports so you and your processes can scale together.

Effortless payroll. The way it should be.

Efficient rostering

Reduce the risk of human error. Assign your team shifts and have confidence you’re planning your workforce to tackle those peak times.

Easy time and attendance

Revolutionise the way your team clock in and out for a shift. Use dynamic rostering, templates and shift bidding to understand your team’s availability.

Automated payroll and payment summaries

A smarter way to pay your people. Automate your payroll and refocus your attention on other strategic work. In a few simple clicks, you can process, finalise and publish your payroll.

“Keeping up with the awards changes is really easy. When you sign in to the dashboard, it tells you straight away, ‘this is the update, this is what’s changed’.”
Aaron Yeak, Director

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