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Single Touch Payroll (STP) Software

STP Phase 2 reporting has never been easier with our ATO-certified payroll software. Get support for payroll compliance.

STP. It’s payroll. Just faster.

ATO compliance has never been easier

Our STP feature is housed in the same software as your payroll data, meaning no manual exporting of data is required to complete the report. Never worry about reporting errors or corruption of data again.
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Minimise STP errors

Any issues relating to payroll data or employee/business details will be displayed as required to be corrected before lodging. The pre-lodgement validation ensures you are significantly more likely to lodge an event successfully.

Enjoy peace of mind over STP Phase 2

STP Phase 2 reduces the compliance burden for employers, outsourced payroll providers, and individuals, streamlines reporting, and saves time by no longer requiring manual reporting to multiple agencies.

Keep Single Touch Payroll simple in 3 steps.

1. Confirm business details

2. Select who will be lodging submissions to the ATO

3. Enable ATO integration to complete the setup

Handle STP Phase 2 reporting requirements with ease.

Mandatory termination

Save time by selecting a termination reason from a dropdown list.

Voluntary reporting of child support

Opt to report via STP to eliminate the need for providing separate monthly reports to the Child Support Registrar.

TFN declaration reporting

Streamline processes by submitting tax file declarations via STP reporting. No need to manually lodge these with the ATO, as pay events will report every included employee’s tax information.

Disaggregation of gross & Phase 2 reporting

Easily assign payment classifications to pay categories via a dropdown list of pre-populated options.

Income types and country codes

Streamline reporting by assigning an income type (and country code, if required) for each payment made to an employee.

Effortless payroll. The way it should be.

Tax & BAS agents Standing Authority

Tax/BAS Agents can get client approval to manage pay events on the platform, without the need for external emails. All client actions are tracked within the STP event. Agents with Standing Authority can use it against an event, eliminating the need for repeated client authority approval.

Efficient rostering

Reduce the risk of human error. Assign your team shifts and have confidence you’re planning your workforce to tackle those peak times.

Easy time and attendance

Revolutionise the way your team clock in and out for a shift. Use dynamic rostering, templates and shift bidding to understand your team’s availability.

Automated payroll and payment summaries

A smarter way to pay your people. Automate your payroll and refocus your attention on other strategic work. In a few simple clicks, you can process, finalise and publish your payroll.

“Keeping up with the awards changes is really easy. When you sign in to the dashboard, it tells you straight away, ‘this is the update, this is what’s changed’.”
Aaron Yeak, Director

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