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Enhance client value. With the partner dashboard.

Made for accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced payroll providers. Streamline payroll reporting and generate new business opportunities.

Boost your services to clients

Save time by managing multiple client accounts via your own dashboard. Easily view an audit trail of system events.

Extract insights

We provide the data to better understand your clients’ feature usage, allowing you to further educate customers, or create tailored marketing opportunities.

Generate new business

By managing all client activity from one platform, you have more time to focus on growing your business.

Tap into an entirely new revenue stream for your accounting, bookkeeping or outsourced payroll firm.

Business settings

See and manage a summary of client information such as contact details, billing plans, billing commencement dates and payment options. Easily view and manage user permissions at a partner and business level.

Audit trails

Save the confusion over unexpected system events. Have complete transparency over changes to settings, user activity, and system-generated emails. Easily problem-solve and restore deleted information such as leave categories, roster templates and more.

Lodgement messages

There’s no need to track down employee personal details, or to determine who lodged the pay event for specific lodgements. Easily review the raw data submitted from the partner dashboard.

Bureau Dashboard - all your pay run activities in one place.

One central location

Pay run activities across all clients are displayed together in one place. Statuses like “Error” and “Overdue”, enable you to prioritise activities that require attention, so nothing goes unnoticed.

Team management

Assign a payroll manager to specific clients, and filter by relevant pay run activities to easily view your team’s overall progress and capacity.

Bulk actions

Save time by performing bulk actions like creating and finalising pay runs in a few clicks. Update business settings or enable workflows so work gets done in a flash.

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