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Intuitive recruitment software.

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Streamlined recruitment? You betcha. Securely manage candidates so you start your recruitment process on the right foot – every time.

Applicant tracking system

An easier way to manage the employee lifecycle. From attracting talent to onboarding – it’s everything you’re already doing, simplified.

Easily manage your candidates

Ditch the spreadsheets, email threads and handwritten notes. Sort applications, build shortlists and send contracts digitally with ease.

Process applicants with ease

Move standout applicants through the pipeline with a few simple clicks. We’ve automated the once-clunky process for you and your candidates.

Recruitment. Made easy.

Candidate Experience

A standout experience for your candidates? No worries. Provide them with an experience they’ll remember for all the right reasons.


Find and hire the best people for your business. From crafting a job posting to onboarding new hires, we'll help you through each step of the hiring process effortlessly.


Paperwork? We prefer digital. Send your new starter an offer and their contract all at the click of a button. You’ll have the legalities out of the way so they can hit the ground running.


Say goodbye to filing cabinets and scanners. Have your new hires easily sign contracts and policies right from within our platform. New starter admin has never been more seamless or enjoyable.

“I love how easy it is to use; I can access work from the office, a specific centre, at home or even when on leave for emergencies.”
Rachael Hinton, HR Manager

Employee recruitment software FAQs

A recruiting software helps hiring managers and talent acquisition teams manage their entire recruitment process more efficiently. These recruitment tools automates many of the tasks involved in recruitment, such as posting job openings on job boards, screening resumes, and interview scheduling.

Recruiting software can improve the candidate experience by providing an easier way for candidates to apply for a job and receiving faster hiring team feedback on their application status. With recruiting solutions, the hiring team can provide a personalized candidate experience, improving engagement and making the candidate feel valued.

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Our recruitment software sets the stage for successful hiring.

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