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Tax File Number Declaration: E Tax

Published 2 Oct 2020
1 min read

Updated on the 2nd October 2020

Reduce your paperwork and improve your compliance with the click of a button. Employment Hero has used Electronic Tax File Number Declaration (e-TFND or e tax) for the last two years, which allows businesses to directly lodge employee’s tax declarations electronically with the ATO.

How do I use the e-TFND?

To set up your e-TFND, click on *Payroll Settings > Tax Declaration* in the left hand side menu and complete the form:   You can then access a detailed report under *Reports > Compliance>Tax Report*:

Is it available for all Employment Hero plans?

Yes! Electronic tfn declaration is available on all plans (including free), and you can set up your employee’s tax declarations right now.

I’m already connected to a payroll system. Can I use an electronic tax file number declaration?

Yes. If your business is already connected to a payroll system, you can access your e-TFND through Employment Hero. But double check that you’re not already using it on your payroll system though as we highly recommend only using your e-TFND form on one platform. Click here for more information on how to use an electronic tfn declaration for 2020.

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