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Why the World’s Leading Companies Use OKRs

OKRs is the new buzzword amongst many businesses. But what are they? And why should businesses go through the effort of migrating an entire workforce over to this new way of thinking? 🤔  We touched on the ‘what’ in a previous blog post, which highlights our brief introduction to OKRs for businesses that have never heard of them before. But now, we want to look into exactly why some of the world’s leading companies are using OKRs to …

The Future of Performance Reviews

Ahh, the beloved performance review. It’s that time of year again when they’re scheduled into your calendar. If your workplace is still kicking it old school, you’re probably busy prepping your forms with your year-long accomplishments to prove that you’re worthy of more money (even though …
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Leadership OKRs: How to Lead by Example

We love using OKRs at Employment Hero. You can probably tell because we talk about them so often. OKRs are an open, transparent framework made to manage your company and employee goals. It’s a great tool to use in business, especially when your management team is leading by example.  …
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Introducing OKRs Into the Business

Now you know what OKRs are, why all the best companies are using them and how to create them – you’re ready for the next piece of the OKR puzzle. It’s time to secure senior buy-in from managers and leaders and then introduce and implement OKRs across the business.  …
official warning procedures blog

Official Warning Procedures

Recently we talked about conducting productive performance reviews. The best businesses are always improving their operations to stay competitive in their industry. To be able to do this, employees and managers need to be performing to a high standard. High performance in business can lead to increased productivity from more …
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How to Build a Cloud Case For Your Client

Change is hard. That may not be an incredibly groundbreaking statement. But hear me out because it’s as true as it is delightfully cliche. So, how can you build a cloud case for your client? Read on and we’ll show you how.  No one knows this better than …
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Help Your Clients Stay Compliant with Employment Hero

We all know that starting your own business doesn’t automatically make you an expert on all things employment law. Just because you can make a killer cappuccino doesn’t mean you know what it takes to employ someone legally these days! There are a number of ways that Employment …
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