The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment and Onboarding.

Recruitment and onboarding are two of the most important and costly parts of the employee lifecycle. We’ve rounded up expert advice to create the ultimate guide to recruitment and onboarding. Written with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, this guide is for small business owners and HR managers who are used to wearing lots of hats. 

Our recruitment and onboarding guide is jam-packed with useful advice, such as:

  • How to know when to hire. How do you identify the teams that require additional resources when you have limited budget allowances? 
  • The best job interview questions any employer can use
  • How to use employer branding and EVP to up your hiring and retention game
  • What to avoid in induction
  • How to handle probation periods like a pro
Download Your Ultimate Guide to Recruitment and Onboarding now. 
recruitment and onboarding guide
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