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Agreement for Reduced Pay Letter Free Template.

You are able to reduce an employee’s pay if they agree to do so. Even in time’s of extraordinary circumstance like COVID-19, you and your employee must reach an agreement regarding the reduction, and you’ll need to get that agreement in writing.


Improve Your Workplace Culture Bundle - Employment Hero

Improve Your Workplace Culture Bundle.

As many of us continue to switch between on-site and remote working, we know it’s been hard for businesses to maintain pre-COVID culture. To help reignite that workplace buzz, we’ve put together a bundle to help you get back on track in 30 days.


COVID-19 VIC Worker Right to Travel Letter Template.

Are your employees needing to travel for or to/from work during lockdown? Make sure you provide them with this letter to show to police/COVID officers in the event they get stopped.


COVID19 Workplace Hygiene Policy Template

Planning a return to work for your employees? To ensure you’re doing all you can to help slow the spread and reduce the risk, you need to enact a new hygiene policy in your workplace.


JobKeeper Directives Template Pack.

Is your organisation taking advantage of the JobKeeper subsidy? Did you know it’s also extends your powers when it comes to stand downs, change of hours, change of work and change of location? Download this free template pack now.


Unpaid Leave Employee Agreement Template

If you find yourself in the position that you need to ask employees to take a leave of absence, unpaid, or an employee is wanting to stay at home to self isolate and they cannot work remotely, this template if for you.


COVID19 Public Transport Policy

Employees returning to work? Help ensure their safety, and your workplaces’ by instituting a Public Transport Policy.


COVID-19 Employer Response Pack

Prepare your organisation for COVID – 19. Download our Free Employer Response Pack. We’ve put together these resources so you can be well prepared for COVID-19 as an employer.


Stand Down of Employment Due to COVID-19 Shut Downs

This template, written and approved by Employment Law experts, is fully customisable to your businesses situation if you find yourself needing to ask staff to Stand Down.


EOFY HR Checklist - Employment Hero

EOFY HR Checklist.

Are you ready for the end of the financial year? This handy checklist will help you complete all of the important HR tasks so you can be ready for the year ahead. Download this free checklist now.


EOFY Payroll Checklist

It’s time to process your final pay events using STP. Make sure nothing’s overlooked with our EOFY 2019/2020 Payroll Checklist.


Redundancy Notice Free Template

This template, written and approved by Employment Law experts, is fully customisable to your businesses situation if you find yourself needing to make staff redundant.


Reduced Hours Employee Agreement Free Template

You are able to reduce an employee’s contracted hours if they agree to do so. Even in time’s of extraordinary circumstance like COVID-19, you and your employee must reach an agreement regarding the reduction, and you’ll need to get that agreement in writing.


Risk of Redundancy Notice Free Template

Those at risk of redundancy must be informed in writing and consulted by the employer as soon as possible. This template will help facilitate those conversations.


Employee Rights to Leave and Pay

With everything going on, it’s normal to feel unsure about what your obligations are as an employer. This is especially applicable to handing employees’ rights to leave and pay in these unsettling times.


Pandemic Leave Policy Template - Illustration of a woman and man in a mask

Pandemic Leave Disaster Policy Template

Do you have employees who may be eligible for the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment? This Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment Policy for those living in Victoria can help your team stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.


Face Covering Policy Template for Victorian Workplaces

Face Covering Policy Template – Victoria

Do you have employees in the workplace during COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria? This Face Covering Policy Template For Victorian Workplaces can help keep your team safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.


Employee Remote Working Agreement

A remote work policy is an agreement that outlines when and how employees can work from locations other than the office. Ensure your organisation is covered by implementing a Remote Working Employee Agreement.


Working From Home WHS Checklist

Employee’s working from home? You still have a duty of care regarding their Work Station set up. This WHS Working From Home Checklist will help get them set up safely.


Essential HR Compliance Pack

We want to help Australian businesses grow with confidence so we have decided to share our most essential employment templates for free.


drug and alcohol policy template

Drug and Alcohol Policy Template

A Drug and Alcohol policy sets out your general approach and commitment together with the arrangements you have put in place for the consumption of or being inhibited by drugs and alcohol in your business.



Whistleblower Policy Template

The whistleblower policy is more than just a policy. You need distribution and reporting. Effective 1 Jan 2020, all companies over 100 employees need a system in place.


Interview Checklist hero image

Interview Checklists

Three downloadable interview checklists that include all the important things to remember before, during and after an interview. These checklists will help you make a great first impression as a business.


The Strategic HR Bundle - on an ipad

The Strategic HR Bundle

This handy bundle contains information to help you take your HR function to the next level. If you’re looking for worksheets, whitepapers and informative slides, this is for you! Ready to up your people management game?


2020 HR Calendar - Ipad

2020 HR Events Calendar

These events are designed for HR professionals and feature many top HR Executives from some of the worlds biggest brands. If you’re ready to learn from the best, download our calendar.


a group of smiling chefs in an industrial kitchen

WHS Policy

This free Australian Workplace Health & Safety policy will outline your organisation’s WHS policies to help keep employees safe and help prevent your organisation from compliance and liability issues.


Workplace Surveillance Policy Template NSW - illustration of woman at her desk

Workplace Surveillance Policy Template (NSW)

This template can help you outline what is expected of your team and how you will monitor their activity in the workplace.


Flexible Working Policy Template - illustration of a woman working at desk with a child

Flexible Working Policy Template

This policy can help your team learn more about flexible working, whilst setting out ground rules for them to follow.


Psychological Safety Survey Template

Psychological Safety Survey Template

This survey template can help you assess the level of psychological safety within your own workplace and team.


Illustration of a woman standing reading a book - 10 low cost ways to improve employee mental wellbeing

10 Low-Cost Ways to Boost Employee Mental Health

We know that being an employer right now is tough. With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and now a recession on top, there’s never been a more important time to support the mental wellbeing of your team.


Mental health helplines poster - Employment Hero - Ilustration of a depressed man

Mental Health Helpline Poster

There’s never been a more important time to support your employees’ mental wellbeing. This poster provides details for national helplines for your team where they can access confidential mental health services.


Mental Health Know the Signs -Illustration of two people talking

Workplace Mental Health Poster

Do you know how to identify when someone at work is struggling? This poster can help you identify early signs of mental health struggles or burnout. Put this poster up in your lunchroom so your team knows how to identify the signs.


1:1 Meeting Template 

We know that internal communication is a pain point for businesses, especially now that many of us are working from home. 1:1s could be the very thing that takes your team’s performance to the next level. Download the 1:1 Meeting Template now.


Equal Opportunity Anti-Discrimination Policy

EEO and Anti-Discrimination Policy

All employers have a duty of care to provide their employees with a safe work environment. They also need to provide equal employment opportunity.

Workplace Wellness Pack for Employers - Illustration of a team

Workplace Wellness Pack

There’s never been a more important time to support your employees’ mental wellbeing. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a workplace wellness pack to help you get started.


JobMaker Hiring Credit Fact Sheet

The 2020 Federal Budget announced the introduction of JobMaker Hiring Credit. This hiring credit is designed to assist in accelerating the rate of employment of young people as we recover from the impact of COVID-19.


Remote onboarding checklist - illustration of remote meeting

Remote Onboarding Checklist

With many Australian businesses making the shift to remote working in 2020 and planning to stay that way for the foreseeable future, it’s important to know how to onboard your remote new hires effectively. 


remote onboarding schedule template

Remote Onboarding Schedule Template

Onboarding remote employees is an entirely different process compared to onsite onboarding. With so many different components to consider, organisation is key for creating a great experience for your new hires. 


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