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7 Ways to Welcome a New Employee (with Welcome Message Examples)

Every new employee knows how important it is to make a great first impression. But it's just as important for employers. Here's how to ensure you are doing all you can to create an awesome first day.
Published 14 Jun 2022
Updated 9 Dec 2022
11 min read
7 ways that HR can give new starters a perfect first day

First impressions count. That’s why it’s important that you have everything set up to give new starters a first day at work to remember – for all the right reasons.

We always remember the first day we start a new job, and those memories are especially long-lasting if things didn’t go smoothly.

Why is it important to welcome a new employee?

Giving new team members a warm welcome isn’t just a polite thing to do. The way that someone starts within your organisation can set the tone for their entire career with you.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you are welcomed into a team to start a new position, having been given all of the information and tools you need, with a set training schedule and a friendly introduction to your new coworkers, you’re going to feel confident. You can hit the ground running with genuine excitement.

But what if your first day at a new business is messy and badly organised? You may finish your first day wondering if you made the wrong decision in accepting this job offer.

It’s the stuff of nightmares – but it’s easily avoidable if you follow these 7 simple tips.

7 ways to make new employees feel welcome

Tip #1. Onboard employees before their first day

A first day at work spent filling out paperwork and waiting to get logged into a computer can be tedious and uninspiring. It can also make your business look disorganised.

The sooner your new hire fills out all the necessary HR and payroll forms, the better.

Employment Hero offers a paperless onboarding solution that makes this process quick and efficient. In fact, it can all be done days or even weeks before the new employee starts – making it one less thing they need to worry about on day one.

Using an HRIS platform can help with more effective communication between new employees and existing staff. You can also easily create announcements, display your company culture, create a welcome message, and introduce new hires to the rest of the whole team.

Tip #2. Start on a Wednesday at 10am

After much experimentation we’ve found here at Employment Hero that Wednesday at 10am is an optimal start day and time. A shorter working week means new employees won’t be overloaded with information and have the weekend to digest all they’ve learned.

A midweek start is also easier on the team. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually busy and existing team members aren’t able to give as much time as they’d like to their new coworker.

Tip #3. Notify the entire team about the arrival of the new team member

Communicate the details of a new starter’s arrival with the entire team a few days beforehand, so that their team members can prepare a few words for their introduction.

You can also get your new team member to fill up a short ‘new starter bio‘ to introduce themselves to the team and get the conversation flowing.

This will help avoid those situations where everyone’s too busy to offer nothing more than a quick ‘hello’ to a new starter – because that’s the kind of thing that can make a new workplace seem less than welcoming.

Tip #4. Check that their workspace is ready for their first day at work

Having a new employee’s equipment set up makes a huge difference. Ensure that when they start their computer is ready to go and relevant log-in information is clearly communicated.

The next step is to get creative and make a new starter’s desk look and feel welcoming! You could pin up a welcome sign, or leave them a gift basket filled with snacks and company merch.

If you’ve hired someone remotely, make sure that their equipment is delivered a few days prior to their start date. Giving them their working tools in advance will help team members feel prepared for their first day, instead of having them anxiously waiting for the postman.

Photo of a new employees desk at Employment Hero

Tip #5. Assign them a mentor to help them out on their first day

Here’s something that the better HR departments have been doing for a while – assigning mentors to new team members, and creating HR ‘mentoring’ packs full of essential advice.

A good mentor will be someone the new hire can trust to show them the ropes and answer their questions. It could be someone doing a similar job in the same team, but it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of advantages in having a mentor from another part of the business that can offer your new employee a different perspective.

The opportunity of becoming a mentor could also be seen as a mutually beneficial relationship for employees interested in management.

Tip #6. Prepare an induction checklist

Effective inductions give an overview of the company culture and values, the different teams and how they work plus information about goals and responsibilities. It’s an essential part of employee onboarding.

An induction helps a new starter feel more involved with a company and quickly gets them on board with your mission and the big goals you are trying to achieve. This knowledge keeps the whole company, including new talent, aligned.

An induction should contain all the information the new person needs to be aware of, and the people they need to be introduced to in order to do their job effectively. An example of this checklist can be found in our employee onboarding template.

Go through this onboarding checklist with your new starter on their first day, so that they understand their induction plan and why it’s needed.

Tip #7. Don’t let a new employee eat lunch alone

Organise a team lunch on a new employee’s first day! This seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised by how many companies do not do this. If a group lunch isn’t possible try to make sure at least one other team member can dine with the new employee.

If you’re working remotely, a lunch meeting with the person’s entire department is a great alternative. Don’t forget to make sure lunch is provided with something like a meal delivery voucher.

How to write a welcome message for new team members

Whether you’re working remotely or in the office, delivering a welcome message to your new team member on or before their first day is a great way to set the tone.

You may choose to send this message as a hand-written note, but a welcome email is probably a little easier to pull off! Customise your welcome messages for new employees to reflect their new role and your company’s values.

16 welcome message examples

To make it easy for you, we’ve come up with a selection of examples.

General employee welcome messages

1. The warm welcome

Hi [new team member name],

I’m thrilled to be welcoming you to [company name]. 

Our recruitment team were incredibly impressed with your application and the knowledge you shared during the interview process. We know that you are going to be an incredibly valuable asset to the business and we can’t wait to see what you achieve with us. 

I’ve attached your welcome pack which includes an employee handbook with all the information you need for a successful first day. I’d also like to introduce you to your buddy [name] who will be able to answer any questions.

Welcome aboard!


2. The inspirer

Hey there [new team member name],

Welcome to the team! We are delighted to have you and know that you will do amazing things here. 

We want our new team members to feel empowered from day one. With your exceptional skills and knowledge, we are excited to have your fresh perspective. So please, don’t feel shy – pass on any feedback or innovative ideas around our [product/service] or our induction process to me or [direct manager name] during your first week.

Our team is powered by our company values, and we’re always looking for ways to make life better for our [customers/clients]. We’re excited to have you join us on our mission. 

Best wishes,


An inspired team is a dynamic team. Learn more about how to create an inspired workforce.

3. The team-centric

Hi [name]!

Welcome aboard! On behalf of the entire company, we’re thrilled that you have decided to join our team. 

At [company name], we pride ourselves on our fantastic team culture. We believe that the best work is done collaboratively, and we can’t wait to add your fresh insights into the mix. 

While you’ll meet the entire team in time (we know it can be intimidating to memorise the names of all your new colleagues in one day), please know that the entire office welcomes you. For today, we invite you to have lunch with your immediate team at [time].

Wishing you a successful journey through onboarding and a great first week!



4. The short and sweet

Welcome to [company name], [new hire name]!

I hope your first day with us is an enjoyable one. I’ve attached all necessary information here but please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if I can help make your first week easier in any way. 

Looking forward to working with you, welcome aboard!


Professional or formal employee welcome message examples

5. The polished approach

Dear [name],

We would like to warmly welcome you to [company name]. Please find attached our employee welcome pack, which contains important information around your onboarding and induction process. 

After your initial induction session, please join us for morning tea in the [location] at [time]. This will give you an opportunity to meet your new colleagues and ask any questions you may have.

Passing on good wishes for an enjoyable first day.



6. The simple and sophisticated

Good morning [name],

On behalf of everyone at [company name], I’m extremely pleased to welcome you. 

Please see attached our employee handbook, where you will find the information required for your first week; including details around dress code, working hours and company policies. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the human resources team at [email address].

Kind regards,


Casual or informal employee welcome message examples

7. The friendly face

Hey there [name],

Welcome aboard! Everyone in the [department name] is incredibly excited to have you join our team, and we can’t wait to collaborate with you. 

I’d love to check in with you after your first induction meeting to answer any questions you might have about the role, company or anything else. You can get in touch with me at [contact details].

Whenever a new employee begins their first week we also love to catch up as a team, so you can expect an invitation for a get-together shortly.

See you soon,


8. The emoji fan

Hey there [name]! 👋

Just dropping you a quick welcome email to celebrate your first day with us!🎉

I know you’ll be super busy (I can see you have lots of induction meetings in your calendar 📅), but I wanted to quickly wish you a happy first day! I hope you’re having fun learning all about the business and our plans for growth 🚀

Let’s catch up for some ☕ this morning? We love to welcome a new team member with lattes (and croissants). 

See you soon! 🙌


Welcome message examples based on team type

9. The remote-first

Hi [name],

Welcome to the team! I hope that you received all of your equipment and are feeling ready for your first day!

I know it can be a little tricky to get started remotely, but we have all the information you need to make it a smooth process! Please see attached all the details about your equipment, our company meeting schedule and some other helpful info for your first week!

I’m only ever a phone call away, so please feel free to get in touch at [contact details]. We’ve also organised a virtual lunch for you at [time], and I’ve attached a food delivery voucher for you.

See you on Slack!


10. The office-first

Hi [name]!

I’ll pop by your desk in a minute to say hello, but I thought I’d send you a quick welcome email while you’re getting set up! 

At [time] I’ll give you a little tour of the office and show you how to use our printers, meeting rooms and coffee machine! All other relevant information should be in your welcome pack on your desk.

We generally all have lunch at [location] at [time] so please join us!



Welcome message examples based on team member type

11. The new junior

Hey [name], 

Welcome to the team! I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. 

We pride ourselves on being the best team mates to each other, and we’re here to support you as you get started! You’ll get a chance to meet everyone this afternoon after your induction session. 

We hope that all of our new team members feel confident in speaking up, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re unsure about anything! 



12. The new manager

Hi [name],

So great to have you onboard! Just checking in here to make sure you have everything you need for your induction session this morning?

This afternoon I’ve scheduled meetings with your direct reports, their names and contact details are… 

Your team is really looking forward to meeting you, we can’t wait to see the strategic direction you’re going to take them in and we know you’ll be a great asset to the business. 



13. The new leader

Good morning [name],

Welcome to the [company name] team! 

We’re incredibly excited to have you start with us, and we know you’ll be a tremendous asset to the business. We can’t wait to see your leadership in action. 

Please see all the relevant company information attached, and please let me know if you have any questions or require anything further. I’m more than happy to assist. 



Welcome message examples based on office location

14. The city office

Hi [name],

Welcome aboard! We’re incredibly excited to have you join the team. 

To make your first day easier, I’m sending over some details about getting to our office at [office address]. 

The closest [train station / bus stop] is… and the following services are the best way to get here… 

To access the office building… 

While we have an office kitchen and break room, if you’re looking for coffee or lunch we recommend checking out…[cafe names]. 

Have a great first day!


15. The suburban office

Hi [name],

Welcome to the team! 

To make your first day easier, I thought I’d send over some details about getting to our office at [office address]. 

If you’re planning on driving to the office, parking is available at [parking location].

The closest [train station / bus stop] is… and the following services are the best way to get here… 

While we have an office kitchen and break room, if you’re looking for coffee, lunch or snacks nearby there are a few cafes in the local area… [list].

Looking forward to welcoming you!


15. The country office

Hi [name],

Welcome to [company name].

To make your first day easier, I thought I’d send over some details about getting to our office at [office address].

As there are limited public transport options nearby, we strongly recommend driving to the office. Parking is available at [parking location].

The closest place to purchase food and coffee is [cafe location]. We also have an on-site kitchen and coffee machine for your convenience.

Looking forward to welcoming you!


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