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2022 is posing unique challenges to employee wellbeing. We surveyed over 6,000 employees in our markets – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK – about their sense of wellness at work. Explore the averages of common insights, or visit the interactive dashboard to discover employee wellness in your region.

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Burnout is spreading
like wildfire

Burnout, a sense of extreme fatigue caused by chronic stress, is spreading quickly across the working population. 58% of employees said that it had affected them within the past three months.

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ideas around modern

What does it mean to have a fulfilling professional life? The pandemic may have shifted employees’ relationship with working. 43% of employees agree that Covid-19 has decreased the importance they place on their career.

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The great costs of financial pressure

Whether it’s due to a loss of work, the uncertainty of the pandemic or skyrocketing inflation, employees are worried about their finances. A whopping 63% said that they were stressed about money.

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In workplace wellbeing, we trust

The best kind of ROI. Employees who rated their employer’s commitment to wellness as good or excellent were 75% more likely to say they were loyal to a business.

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