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"With Employment Hero, nothing gets overlooked."
Mitchell, Skedulo
"With Employment Hero, nothing gets overlooked."
Mitchell, Skedulo

HR Advisory Line

Get access to highly trained workplace consultants who can consult on a range of HR matters. Communicating on the phone or via email, our consultants can provide pragmatic advice, guidance and recommendations that help you make informed decisions when dealing with complex HR issues.

Payroll Advisory Line

Make informed and compliant decisions for your business. Payroll Advisory Line gives you access to payroll specialists who provide guidance and recommendations on payroll queries. They can also help with a range of payroll software administration issues including navigation and best practice.

Ultimate Advisory Line

This all-in-one advice option ensures support is always at hand when you need it. Ultimate Advisory Line gives you access to our HR Advisory Line and Payroll Advisory Line as well as priority phone support for our software.

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