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Understanding Parental Leave

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This fact sheet explains your obligations as an employer when it comes to parental leave, plus additional information around this complex topic.

The fact sheet includes;

  • How does Paid Parental Leave (PLP) work?
  • How does Dad and Partner Pay work?
  • What are ‘keeping in touch’ days?
  • What happens if there is a stillbirth or infant death?
  • What records do employers need to keep?
  • What is employer-funded paid parental leave?
  • How else can employers support working parents?

All government information was sourced from

Disclaimer: While due care has been taken in preparing the document, no responsibility is accepted by the author for the accuracy or suitability of the information contained. All liability is expressly disclaimed for any loss or damage which may arise from any person relying on, using or acting on any information contained therein. If you are unsure about how this information applies to your specific situation please seek expert advice from employment law specialists like those at Employment Innovations.

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