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Don't spend Monday worrying about your business – you can count on us. Find out how Employment Hero is helping Australia’s hospitality businesses better manage their people.

Unite your team

Our platform is designed to keep your team engaged, with a ton of features to boost your workplace culture. Create an environment where everyone feels recognised and valued.

Onboard and offboard with ease

Get new employees set up in a few clicks with Employment Hero. You can send digital contracts, run VEVO checks, gather payroll details and take team members through essential information before their very first day.

Manage shifts from anywhere

Wherever you are, Employment Hero makes it easy to manage and share rosters, with automated shift patterns. Employees can take on, or swap shifts directly through the platform.

Simplify your HR, payroll and recruitment with Employment Hero.

Prioritise compliance

Manage compliance and have all important records on file. Whether it’s work licences, visas or certifications, easily add them to an employee profile and get notified when they’re expiring.

Find top talent – fast

SmartMatch can open your business to a whole world of talent, by automatically connecting candidates with open roles in your business. Make recruitment effortless and quick.

Seamless onboarding

Onboarding has never been faster or more seamless with Employment Hero. Onboard your new hires in record time, issue safety and compliance policies and have them hit the ground running from day one.

Effortless shift management

Set up rosters in just a few clicks, and send out notifications to employees through the platform. Employees can accept, decline or swap their shifts with their colleagues – all via our mobile app.

Learning management system

Assign learning modules, track progress and test knowledge. Build custom learning pathways, upload your own content or choose from our library of pre-built courses and modules.

Automated payroll

Automate your payroll and refocus your attention on other projects. In a few simple clicks, you can process, finalise and publish your payroll – wherever you are.

Celebrate your team

Employment Hero’s Company Feed offers one central place to recognise your high performers, share important information and reward your team.

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Frequently asked questions

We know hospitality is a fast-moving industry. That’s why our software is designed to streamline all those key people management tasks, so you and your team get more time back in your day. Whether it’s bringing new team members on board, managing shifts or organising pay runs, Employment Hero offers an all-in-one digital solution that can transform your business. Plus, once your company is on board, we offer easy implementation and training so you can get your whole team comfortable with the platform quickly.

Yes. Employment Hero’s time-tracking software makes it easy for your team to clock-in and clock-out from their phone or tablet, from wherever they are. The app takes a photo of the user and tracks the geo-location of every clocked event to capture accurate data.

When your business signs up with Employment Hero, all your employees will have access to the software. There’s also admin permissions for whoever will be managing the behind-the-scenes processes, such as shift management and payroll. Employment Hero can be easily accessed by an internet browser, or you can take it on the move with our dedicated app, Swag by Employment Hero. Using Swag opens you up to loads more free features – find out more here. 

Yes, there are many ways to adapt Employment Hero to your needs. Whether that’s the logo design on the platform, the addition of learning modules for training or automated custom surveys, you can set up Employment Hero so it’s perfectly suited to your business.

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