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How the right HR software can boost workplace productivity

Learn how HR software can help your team start the year with a bang, and smash their goals in 2022.
Published 28 Jan 2022
4 min read

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the wheels turning at work for a new year. In 2022, we have the added challenge of dealing with the new peak of the pandemic. Omicron has caused major pandemic fatigue, cancelled employee holiday plans and generally flattened the vibe. We all need a helping hand right now to build productivity momentum.

We believe that one of the biggest myths is that you can keep consistent motivation based on good intentions alone. In reality, everyone needs tools and strategies to help keep their performance strong.

Employment Hero’s dynamic suite of employee engagement tools do just that. Our HR software is purpose-built to help the teams of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) stay driven. Here’s how we can help your team start the year with a bang, and smash their goals in 2022.

What is HR software?

For the uninitiated, HR software (or HRIS – Human Resources Information Systems) is a cloud-based tool that everyone on your team can use to enhance performance, benefits, administration and compliance. It’s your digital update to all things HR.

There are lots of different types of HR software, some – like Employment Hero – also integrate with payroll systems. Our suite of tools can help your HR team streamline the time-consuming parts of employment. By providing easy-to-use digital solutions, we can supercharge your efforts in recruitment, management and productivity.

How can HR software boost workplace productivity?

Let’s break down our top tools to help your team stay focused and engaged this year.

1. Reward and recognition

It’s a tried and tested truth; reward and recognition motivates teams.

Employees that don’t feel recognised or appreciated are less loyal to their employers than their appreciated team members, whereas employees that feel recognised are more engaged, leading them to be more productive. Companies that effectively appreciate their employees were also found to be 20% more profitable than those that don’t.

Recognition can go far beyond a manager sharing encouraging words with their direct reports. What’s much more powerful is creating a culture of peer-to-peer recognition, and Employment Hero’s tools can help you do exactly that.

Using the Company Feed, your team can shout out a job well done that’s visible to the whole business. These thanks can be submitted on either mobile or desktop, making it super easy for your team to appreciate one another.

What does peer to peer recognition look like - Employment Hero

For outstanding work, your team can also nominate Values Champions. Based on incredible performance that’s aligned with your company values, approved Champions will receive $10 HeroDollars that can be used on any item in our Discounts store. Though $10 is a relatively minor cost, employees are motivated to keep up their good work and increase their total amount of HeroDollars.

Learn more about the benefits of reward and recognition with our free ultimate guide for SMBs.

2. Feedback

Any good manager knows that constructive feedback is an essential part of keeping employees on the right track. It can easily be forgotten, however, to provide it consistently and keep easily accessible notes to refer back to.

Employment Hero’s One-on-One (1:1) tool solves this issue, creating a solid feedback structure between your managers and their direct reports. 1:1s will guide managers and employees through structured and regular meetings, with the goal of providing an environment for coaching and feedback.

The tool asks recurring questions for employees to answer, and allows their managers to document a response or any relevant notes. These responses are then confidentially stored under the employee’s profile, allowing easy reference at any time through the desktop app.

Although we believe that regular feedback is the key to great productivity, formal annual reviews still play an important role in employee coaching. That’s why we also have a Reviews section on Employment Hero, where you can conduct an official review and keep a secure paper trail of all feedback.

3. OKRs

Objectives and Key Results (ORKs) are a high-impact goal-setting framework used by companies like Deloitte, Asana, Netflix and Salesforce. OKRs consist of an Objective, which defines a big goal to be achieved (the ‘what’ or ‘where do we want to go’), and up to 5 Key Results, which measure progress towards the objective (‘how do we know we’re making progress?’).

We wanted to reimagine OKRs for easy use by small businesses; because why shouldn’t SMBs use the same high-growth framework that has scaled businesses across the world?

Employment Hero’s user-friendly OKRs tool makes it easy for you to set and assign OKRs to your team within the platform. With full transparency, you can create objectives that are aligned throughout your organisation. Employees can update their progress in real time, ticking off key results as they are achieved and noting down all movements that get them one step closer to their goal.

4. Learning

When you invest in learning and development (L&D) for your team, you give them the tools to work smarter and more efficiently, not harder.

When highly engaged employees are challenged and given the skills to grow and progress within their chosen career path, they are more likely to be energised by new opportunities at work. Well-trained employees show both quality and quantity in performance – leading to less wastage of time, resources and money.

One of the challenges with (L&D), however, is keeping it consistent and accessible for your team. Enter HR software with Learning Management Systems.

With Employment Hero’s Learning Plus, you can build custom learning pathways to ensure that your team’s knowledge is always expanding. You can also empower your team to upskill with thousands of online courses, all available on-demand from our desktop app.

Make 2022 your most productive, ever.

Implementing dynamic HR software is one of the best ways to keep your employees engaged and productive, whatever the year throws at them. But HR software is not just about employee performance – it can also transform the way that you run your business.

Learn more about our tools for recruitment, HR admin, payroll and benefits – or talk to one of our business specialists to learn how our platform can meet your business’ specific needs.

From the Employment Hero team, we wish you great success and all the best in 2022!

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