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Flexible payslips. Create, customise, circulate.

Automatically send compliant payslips to employees as soon as they get paid.

The Employment Hero mobile app pay slips


Donโ€™t waste time printing off and posting payslips. Send digital copies instead. Itโ€™s simple, secure and confidential.
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Save time and money

Automate payslips and tax calculations. Spend more time focusing on what matters most.


Employees can easily access and download payslips from the cloud anytime, anywhere.

Payslips. Made easy.

Easy to create and send

Once a pay run is finalised, payslips can be automated, manually published or scheduled live to be viewed by employees.


Payslips can be tailored to your needs, with the option to add a business logo and choose what information is relevant to display or disclose. Custom notes and messages can also be added to payslips and payslip communications if desired.

Automatic payslip notifications

Send notifications to employees automatically after a payslip is published. Notifications can be sent by email or SMS to give employees instant payslip access.

Easy access in the cloud

No more searching for payslips or managing requests. Multiple payslips can be bulk downloaded for any given date range, saving you from unnecessary admin frustrations.

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