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Product Update October 2022

In our October product wrap up, you’ll learn all about the latest improvements to our Recruitment module (ATS), a new way to add Global Teams employees in-platform and updates to superannuation reporting.
Published 17 Nov 2022
Updated 14 Feb 2023
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Hello and welcome back to the Employment Hero monthly product update! We’re inching closer to the end of the year, but we’re not slowing down. We’re back with lots of new and exciting product updates to share with you.

In our October 2022 product wrap up, you’ll learn all about the latest improvements to our Recruitment module (ATS), a new way to add Global Teams employees in-platform and updates to superannuation reporting.

If you’d like a quick overview of some of the changes we made during October, take a look at the video below. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, continue reading or check out our help centre.


An easier way to add new Global Teams employees in-platform

We added a new feature to our Employer of Record service, Global Teams. Now you can request new Global Teams employees in-platform, streamlining the previous manual process.

To get started, ​​add a new Global Teams employee request via ‘Personnel > Employees > Global Teams tab’.

From here, you can provide new hire employment details. Once you’ve submitted your request, our Global Teams experts will reach out to walk you through the rest of the process.

Global Teams - Add Employees Employment Heor

More updates to the Recruitment module (ATS)

We know recruiting top talent right now is tough. That’s why we’re hard at work improving our Recruitment module (ATS). We want to make the process as simple as possible for you to manage your open roles, and our suite of new features helps you do this with ease.

Never miss a notification

We’ve received feedback that recruiters, hiring managers and collaborators on open roles want automatic notifications when changes occur to candidates. That’s why we’ve added the following notifications to help streamline your hiring processes:

  • Recruiters, hiring managers and collaborators now have the ability to enable or disable receiving emails
  • When a candidate applies for a role, the recruiter who created the role and hiring managers of the role will receive a notification
  • When a candidate withdraws from the role, the recruiter who created the role and hiring managers of the role will receive a notification
  • When a candidate is moved to another stage, the recruiter who created the role, hiring managers of the role, and collaborators in the new stage will receive a notification
  • When a recruiter adds a collaborator, the collaborator will receive a notification
  • When a job ad is expiring in five days, the recruiter who posted the role will receive a notification
  • When a job ad failed to post to external job boards, the recruiter who created the role will receive a notification
  • When recruiters, hiring managers, and collaborators mention other team members involved with the role, they will receive a notification

Learn more about managing organisation notification settings here.

notification settings

Turn on these settings to enable notifications


Enjoy the full functionality of SEEK screening questions

We’ve also enabled users to access the full functionality of SEEK screening questions. Now, users can select preferred answers when creating SEEK questions and enable auto-disqualification. You also have the ability to view how many preferred answers were correctly chosen. Learn more about adding screening questions to postings on the Seek Job board.

SEEK screening questions


An easier way to communicate with candidates

We’ve also made it easier to communicate with candidates. Now you no longer have to connect a Gmail or Microsoft account to the recruitment module to communicate with candidates – you can do this completely in-platform!

Recruiters and hiring managers also now have the ability to bulk move, communicate and disqualify candidates within the Recruitment module. This is a highly requested feature that will significantly reduce time spent on individually moving and emailing candidates.

Custom email templates

Hiring managers have a lot on their plates. That’s why we’re continually looking for ways to streamline their day-to-day via our platform.

Now you can create custom email templates in the Recruitment module, saving you time when communicating with candidates.

To manage email templates, select General Setting > Recruitment Settings > Email Templates tab. From here, you’ll have the option to add a new template, edit and choose a template when sending an email. Some handy recruitment templates might include ‘in person phone interview’ or ‘phone interview request’.

Learn more about setting up custom email templates. 

email templates


A new way to refer candidates

In the current job market, it’s never been harder to attract and retain high-quality candidates – not to mention the time and cost involved in the recruiting process.

Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to get your existing employees to tap into their networks, yet often they are managed manually by recruitment teams.

To reduce the admin associated with candidate referrals, we’ve added Referrals to the Recruitment module. This enables users to create and track internal referrals and allows the recruiter to identify the referral source of the candidate, create reports and share ‘refer a friend’ links on the Careers Page.

Learn more about managing your talent pool here. 

refer a candidate


Updates to superannuation contribution reporting

In Australia, we’ve updated the Super Contributions Report with an improved layout that now includes the payment status of your superannuation contributions. We have applied this to users using automated super payments and users who wish to use our reports to pay super manually.

For super payments that have been paid, a status field with ‘paid’ can be chosen. This will help you stay across super payments within your business.

Learn more about superannuation contribution reporting here. 


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