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Talent Wars 2022 | 5-Part Panel Series Helping You Win the War for Talent

How can you win the war for talent in 2022? Join us for a five-part series with experts in HR, talent acquisition and leadership. Hosted by Employment Hero’s Chief People Officer, Alex Hattingh.

The Great Resignation, The Great Reshuffle, Turnover Contagion. Whatever you want to call it, employees all around the world are gearing up to make career changes, with movement already underway in the US and the UK. 

Our latest Employee Movement and Retention research shows that 48% of Australian employees want to leave their jobs in the next 12 months, and 40% are planning to do so by April 2022. Plus, it’s not just individual contributors heading for the door, your managers and senior executives are even more likely to want to leave their roles. 

For any business, this is a scary prospect, but for small and medium-sized businesses without the budget or backup headcount – losing employees could be the final blow. With the clock ticking towards Australia’s own Great Resignation, now is the time to make meaningful changes to protect your business. The next few months are a key opportunity to boost your retention efforts and capitalise on the incoming recruitment rush.

We want to arm you with the knowledge and insights you need to win the Talent Wars of 2022. Join Alex Hattingh, Chief People Officer at Employment Hero, along with global recruitment experts, employer branding aficionados and HR leaders for this essential five-week panel series. 

What have we planned?

Week 1: Attract the Best – 11am AEDT, 11 November

How do you attract and hire the best person for the role? 

This session will cover:

  • Employer value proposition (EVP)
  • Employer brand
  • Candidate experience
  • Recruitment tech

Week 2: Retain Top Performers – 2pm AEDT, 17 November

How do you retain and engage your top-performing employees?

  • Reward and recognition
  • Flexible and remote work
  • Employee feedback 
  • Identifying at-risk employees

Week 3: Develop Rising Stars – 11am AEDT, 25 November

How do you identify and coach employees with great potential?

  • Learning and development (L&D)
  • Developing future leaders
  • Career mapping
  • Grad programs

Week 4: Depart with Care – 11am AEDT, 2 December

How do you manage voluntary and involuntary turnover with care?

  • Communicating employee departure
  • Exit interviews
  • Creating great lasting impressions
  • Navigating difficult conversations

Week 5: Resourcing for Growth – 11am AEDT, 9 December

How do you partner with the business and hiring managers to appropriately plan and manage recruitment crunches?

  • Working with big personalities
  • Getting the most from hiring managers
  • Workforce planning and resourcing
  • Tips to streamline the recruitment process

Learn from the best and win the War on Talent in 2022. Sign up for the free panel series now.

Please note: All sessions will be recorded and sent to registrants to watch on-demand.

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