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Managed HR
Implementation (AU)

Your Managed HR Implementation is a hyper-personalised implementation with your own dedicated Project Manager. They will be by your side as you set up your account, teaching you the ins and outs of the platform and helping you build custom workflows for employee onboarding and offboarding, policies, certifications, management lines and more.

Managed HR Implementation timeline

Kick off session

During your kick-off, your Project Manager will walk you through our presentation and this landing page to allow you to become familiar with the project flow and what is needed from you at each stage.

Data gathering

Now it’s time to complete your document templates so that we can build your platform! Click the link below to view the templates ready for you to complete.

Client learning

Click the link below to see the list of workshops led by our HR Education Team, to help you navigate the setup process and support you in getting immediate value from our platform.


Now you’ve sent the templates to us, your Project Manager and the team will now begin to build your platform with the information you have provided. Get excited!

System integration

If you are integrating with a payroll platform, your Project Manager will work with you to integrate your HR Platform with your payroll platform.

System walkthrough

Once your platform has been integrated, a conference call with your Project Manager and yourself (as well as anyone else in your organisation’s implementation project team) will take place.

Pre-launch tasks

The pre-launch tasks to be completed by you, may vary based on your organisation. Please use this as a guide and speak with your Project Manager if you are unsure.

Project completion

Now you’re ready to go live with Employment Hero. Here you can access our Employer Launch Kit, to help you get everything ready for your launch and to feel confident.

Data Gathering

To edit the documents, please click and download the files, or duplicate them to edit in G Suite.

Your Project Manager will walk you through which are applicable to your business, so you can download those relevant to you and send them over to as soon as they’re ready.

You will also need to provide us with your Company Logo. Your company logo will populate reports, documents and contracts where applicable. The recommended image file size is 267px x 267px. Please attach your logo as .jpg or .png and send it over to the team.

Recommended workshops

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Navigating Employment Hero

This video will help familiarise you with the Employment Hero platform and prepare you for your first workshop. Duration: 6 mins

Managing HR documents

This workshop teaches you how to upload your employees’ existing HR documents on the platform

Managing certifications

This workshop introduces certification setup and reporting so you can track your businesses’ compliance at any time, anywhere.

32% of trans people frequently think about leaving their company due to discrimination

Managing policies

This workshop helps you set up and assign policies, as well as report on policy compliance.

30% of LGBTQ+ men and 15% of LGBTQ+ women believe their sexual orientation will negatively affect their career advancement

Customising onboarding

This workshop will help you add induction content, build onboarding/off-boarding checklists, and more.

Performance reviews

This workshop will teach you how to set up a formal review process on the platform.

Elements of personal communication - pie diagram - body language 55%, spoken word 7% and voice & tone 38%

Managing HR assets

Your people need equipment to do their jobs effectively, and this workshop demonstrates how to track and manage your assets.

Managing security

Join this workshop to explore our extra features around user access and platform security.

Managing recruitment

Build a recruitment process that suits your individual business needs in addition to managing applications and onboarding your successful candidate.

Managing expenses

Get help managing your expenses with Employment Hero.

Advanced workshops

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The employee productivity pyramid

Engagement and development

Empower your people managers to better manage HR, engage employees, and promote and track regular development conversations with our tools.

48% of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander employees have experienced discrimination or harassment at work in the last 12 months

Advanced bulk updates

This training would aim to empower admins to use more advanced CSV import skills to more easily update employee files in bulk.

Managing learning plus

This training shows you how to get the most of our Learning Add-On to assign existing Go1 learning content (or build your own) and track learning outcomes in your organisation.

Aligning advanced goals

This training aims to help you understand, set up, track and promote goals in your organisation using the platform and the OKRs framework.

More implementation resources

Knowledge base

If you have additional queries, please access our help centre for guides, FAQs and more.


Need further assistance with Employment Hero? Take a look at Hero Academy.


Post-implementation email support will be provided directly via our Support Team.

Phone support

Paid phone support is also available through our Support team.
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