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The History of Super in Australia

Published 3 Oct 2023
Updated 4 Apr 2024
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Early 2020’s: I just want it now, and easy, and effortless, and I shouldn’t have to ask..ARGHHH!

My private car meets me downstairs 2 minutes after I order it, order pizza en route that arrives at home the same time I do, and throw in a milk and bread request to that same pizza delivery. All this, while booking a family flight to the Gold Coast, soundtracked to my personalised Spotify playlist. The ease? Unparalleled. The expectations? Sky-high.

How to meet sky-high expectations

In an era where every service is practically on-demand, super funds have the golden opportunity to engage members right where they are. It’s not just about ’embedded’ experiences — it’s about weaving into the tapestry of daily life, offering solutions even before they’re sought.

Something as basic as updating your address should be a breeze. Imagine this: you update your address with your employer in a few taps on an app, and before your screen dims, you get a pop up “want to let your bank, insurer and super fund know?”

As pizza delivery evolves into a multi-tasking marvel, isn’t it time super funds delivered a slice of that convenience, too? Welcome to a world where members aren’t just engaged; they’re embedded in the experience. And this is just the start.

Embedded Super

Embedded super – a subset of embedded finance – holds the key to remarkable untapped potential.

It revolves around engaging members, on their terms, on platforms they are already using, in a way they understand. Or put simply, contextual engagement elevates superannuation from a background product to a prominent aspect of members’ lives.

About Employment Hero

Employment Hero manages the employment of more than 1 million employees, roughly 15% of Australia’s private sector workforce and is forecast to continue growing exponentially.

Our mission is to make employment easier and more valuable, for everyone.

Employment Hero offers a suite of digital super services to help employees engage with and manage their super selection, all while making employment simpler and more automated for small-medium business owners.

If you’d like to learn more about Employment Hero embedded super, reach out to Ray and the partnerships team at 

Alternately, you can learn more about embedded super here or download our whitepaper.

Ray Jaramis
Partnerships Manager - Superannuation - Employment Hero
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