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7 Minute Demo

Short on time? Here’s a 7 minute overview of Employment Hero.


Onboarding takes minutes, not days, with Employment Hero. Find out how.


See how easy you can manage reviews and track progress in Employment Hero.


Employees can complete their timesheets quickly and easily.


Easy for employees to upload their certifications

Employment Hero’s LMS

Build, manage, assign, track and report on all your learning needs.


Ensure every employee is working towards the same vision.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Improve productivity, engagement and retention with Peer to Peer Recognition.

Policies and Induction

It’s easy to upload your own policies and induction content for employees.

Employment Hero on Mobile

Manage your employment from the palm of your hand.

Leave and Leave Management

Submitting and managing leave is now a breeze.

WorkLife Demo

A hands-on demo to see our employee benefits platform in action.

Employee Recognition

Reward and recognise employees to boost engagement and satisfaction.

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