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Seamless Quickbooks Integration.

One click, no hassle.

One-click Quickbooks Integration.

It’s now Seriously Easy to do your invoicing, bookkeeping and billing as Intuit QuickBooks Online software gives you the things you need most to run your small business, all in one place. Secure access anytime, on any device; Easily track cash flow; Reports and insights and more.

Native Quickbooks Integration

Employment Hero comes with native Quickbooks Online integration. Your employees can self-manage aspects of their employee files (with our Employee Self Service, ESS), while keeping Quickbooks Online up to date.

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One-click Sync

One click payroll integration means that in a few minutes, information is directly synced with your Quickbooks Online account. Once connected, Employment Hero will automate administrative, transactional HR tasks and free up valuable time for businesses.

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Fully Integrated HR Platform

Employment Hero is the HR software platform that employers and their employees love. The cloud based HR platform gives businesses the tools to manage payroll, HR and benefits, all while remaining compliant.

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Try for yourself.

Australia’s first fully integrated, payroll and benefits platform for employers and employees.

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