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Unlocking the power of reward and recognition frameworks for super members

What can you expect?

Join us in this exclusive webinar to discover the application of reward and recognition programs that superannuation funds can deliver to members.

Reward and recognition programs are known to be an impactful strategic tool within the employment landscape. The question we pose is – can super funds leverage this powerful strategy with their members? And if so, what might that look like?

Join Senior Product Manager, Stephen Yoon, and passionate Partnerships Manager, Ray Jaramis, as they delve into the heart of this tantalising possibility. Drawing from the established benefits of reward and recognition in positive psychology, you’ll learn how these strategies could potentially reshape your fund’s engagement strategy.

With Ray’s background in sociology and social sciences, combined with Stephen’s expertise in financial services innovation, you’re in for an insightful discussion.

Key topics will include:

  • The science behind reward and recognition programs and their influence on positive behaviours.
  • Potential strategies for super funds to adapt and apply these reward and recognition mechanisms to enhance member engagement.
  • A case study on reward and recognition programs.
  • The unique opportunities presented by Employment Hero’s reach into the digital employment life cycle, enabling pivotal moments of engagement. 

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in having a sit down with us to learn more, you can book a time with our team here.

How we partner with Super funds?

Employment Hero offers a suite of super services embedded into our leading digital HRIS and payroll platform, to help employees engage with and manage their super selection, all while making life simpler and more automated for small-medium business owners.

Wages paid by SMEs account for ~48.5% of global GDP. Yet despite this, SMBs struggle to manage employment. SMB owners are anxious, under qualified and under resourced. Employment Hero was founded to solve this problem.

Employment Hero are creating a future in which every SMB can be a proud, confident employer. Employment Hero gives SMBs the tools and resources they need to stay compliant, find talent, drive productivity and maximise engagement & retention.

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