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Grow Your Accounting Firm with Cloud Payroll

Grow your accounting firm with cloud payroll

The potential of cloud payroll

‍Due to its time-consuming complexities, payroll is notoriously seen in the accounting industry as a “loss-leader”. However, by utilising leading cloud software, accountants can easily automate payroll tasks and compliance and unlock a valuable revenue stream.

This guide explores how you can free up time and strengthen your advisory work further.

  • Perception of payroll

    Consider current and changing perceptions on payroll as a service

  • The accountants changing role

    Understand the changing role of the accountant and the need for a holistic client relationship

  • Common payroll pain points

    Identify the common pain points and consider how these can be resolved

  • Getting started with small change

    Take quick insights on how to tackle change with simple strategies

  • The importance of challenging conventions

    Leave traditional conventions behind and uncover the benefits of automation

  • How valuable is your time

    Explore a scenario that emphasises the relationship between time savings and increased revenue

  • Automate the day-to-day

    Learn how payroll tasks can be automated to improve each pay run

  • Reasons to embrace cloud payroll

    Uncover the benefits of cloud payroll and learn how you can support your clients in streamlining their payroll processes

  • What to look for in payroll software

    Identify key features in cloud technology that will benefit you and your clients

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Grow your accounting firm with cloud payroll
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