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What is it?
Employment Hero acts as the Employer Of Record (EOR) or as a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) for employees based outside your existing markets.

Pricing is per employee and based on laws a
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*Pricing is per employee and based on laws and obligations specific to each region.

  • Global Coverage with local employment contracts
  • Ongoing HR advisory support
  • Full integration with Employment Hero
  • Payroll compliant with local requirements
  • Statutory reporting and remittances (tax, social security, pension scheme, healthcare, etc)
  • Full benefits management and administration
  • Worker classification & compliance checks
  • Continuous support from our customer success teams

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Access talent
Access highly skilled remote employees across different industries.
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Skip the headache
No recruiters, no overseas entities, less risk. We do it all for you.
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All-in-one solution
Manage, pay, motivate and reward your local and global teams together.

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