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Businesses and accountants around the world use OFX's team-based workflows to efficiently manage all their payments and cash flows. By combining Employment Hero with OFX, you can make payroll, batch, FX, and complex payments a breeze.

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Bill and batch payments

With OFX, send money to 180+ countries and access the fastest, lowest cost payment rails. Efficiently process high-volume pay runs for your suppliers or employees with built-in approval workflows.

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Process automation

Automate your invoice processing with artificial intelligence and cut out manual bookkeeping work with a real-time two way sync with your accounting package, even when dealing in multiple currencies.

Global treasury and currency accounts

Open currency accounts with world-leading banks, in your own name. Earn, hold or convert between 37+ currencies with bank-beating FX rates.

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Why use Employment Hero Payroll with OFX?

  • Do all types of payments in one place

    By switching your payroll payments to OFX, you can pay your team and suppliers from one place through an optimised workflow that’s proven to reduce your AP processing time by up to 80%. OFX excels with complex and large volume payments like batch, fx, complex approvals & payroll payments.

  • Get rid of .aba bank files, cut down on emails and improve security

    Still downloading and uploading bank files? OFX automatically pulls your payroll details from Employment Hero Payroll, and when you do your payments via OFX, you never give bank account access or visibility over salaries to someone who shouldn’t have it.

  • Alleviate payday stress

    Get comfort knowing that pay runs will be faster to process while satisfying all your internal control needs thanks to OFX’s access to instant payment rails and custom payment approval settings. If you know your payroll amount ahead of time, you can even schedule the pay run early and sit back on payday.

  • International FX payments and forwards risk management

    Fetch bank-beating FX quotes and accept to instantly exchange between 37 different currencies. Protect your profit margins by locking in future FX rates for weeks or months in advance.

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