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With Nine25, employees can save for bills, and spend and grow their wealth using their real-time salary.

Employees can use their employee self-service portal credentials to verify their employment and pay, and Nine25 will automate their finances.

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Genuine employee benefit

Nine25 can be offered as a genuine benefit and give employees financial independence.

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No change to existing processes

Nine25 doesn’t change your existing processes and doesn’t require integrations.

Employee self-service

Empower your employees to onboard themselves and take control of their own data.

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Why use Employment Hero Payroll with Nine25?

Connect Employment Hero Payroll with Nine25 to benefit from:

Easy sign-up process

Staff can sign up in less than 3 minutes with Nine25’s intuitive app interface.

Save for bills and grow your wealth

Employees can save for bills and grow their wealth in a single app, with no repayments, interest or late fees. Add electricity, phone, insurance and even Spotify bills! Salary also lands in the app every hour for total peace of mind.

Automate bill savings, payments, investments and more

Powered by Salary Streaming™, Nine25’s money app is designed to enable employees through:

  1. Bill Streams: Automate bill savings and payments
  2. Safe Spend: A care-free spendable amount
  3. Nine25 Card: Staff can tap their phone & spend salary as they earn it
  4. Wealth: Buy shares, ETFs & crypto
  5. Donate: Make the world a better place by donating small amounts every hour

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