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2018 Yearbook Of Feature Releases

January is a time when we reflect on the year that was and plan for the year ahead. In the spirit of New Year reflection, we’ve created a wrap up of the amazing improvements we made to Employment Hero in 2018. Have a read and refresh your memory, perhaps there’s a new feature you haven’t tried yet!

We were one of the first to introduce Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Single Touch Payroll launched in July 2018 and is a big change to the way businesses are required to manage and report payroll. Our payroll software, HeroPay, was one of the first to be STP compliant to help your business stay on top of its reporting to the ATO.

We made policies and contracts more flexible

We introduced features to help you build and edit your own contracts, policies and documents. Our library of compliant HR contracts, policies and documents is still available but now you can upload your own customised contracts, giving you more flexibility to run your business.

We made it easier for you to fill empty shifts

In late 2018 we released shift bidding in HeroPay. Shift bidding makes it easier for you to fill empty space in your roster. It’s simple, you open shifts up to a group of employees and let them bid for the open time slots.

We made it easier for your employees to manage their employment

We made improvements to our mobile app to help your employees manage their employment on the go. Employees can now acknowledge policies, upload certifications and check their rosters anywhere, anytime from their mobile or tablet.

We also introduced the Employment Hero passport. This will allow employees who have left your organisation retain access to their payslips and pay summaries via Employment Hero.  

We introduced better reporting

Access to data is everything and we want to make it easier for you to understand your business. That’s why we introduced improved reporting in HeroPay so you can easily review payslips, payment files and journal reporting. We also updated our sync issue report to be in plain English so you can understand what’s happening more easily. 

We made it easier and more secure to log into Employment Hero.

In 2018, we made it easier for you to log into Employment Hero via your mobile or tablet with fingerprint log in and FaceID.

We also beefed up security by introducing 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to help better protect your data.

We introduced new awards

We are constantly building out the automated awards available in HeroPay. In 2018 year we introduced the live performance award that covers performers, musicians, support staff, production crew and artistic personnel.

We made payroll easier

We made a lot of changes to HeroPay this year. We automated payment summaries so all your staff can quickly and easily get access to their end of year payments summaries come tax time.

We also built in cost centres on timesheets and worked on timesheet grouping to help you easily manage your teams.

Plus we deepened our integration with MYOB. MYOB payslips produced in Employment Hero are now compliant.

We made it easier to make your employees feel rewarded

We introduced WorkLife, a revolutionary suite of products, to help you reward your employees. WorkLife consists of four features:

  • Savings Hero: a savings dashboard;
  • Hero Shop: an exclusive discounts and savings marketplace;
  • LifeHero: a curated content hub with information on how to hit your financial goals, be healthier and feel better;
  • InstaPay: giving employees access to a portion of their earned wages in real-time without any additional work or cost to employers.

In addition, we released announcements on desktop to make it easier to communicate across your business. Finally, we put a feature in open beta called Thank-A-Hero which allows people to thank each other via a live stream (more on this to come).

Clearly 2018 was a big year for us! As well as the big changes mentioned, we made a number of small tweaks to the platform to keep things running smoothly.  

We’re excited to be back at work in 2019 and have already set about seeing what else we can do to help you build a better world at work.

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