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Product Update September 2023

Follow our September 2023 product update as we share all of the latest and greatest features we’ve released over the last month. Read more here.
Published 14 Sep 2023
Updated 8 Apr 2024
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It’s time for another edition of the Employment Hero product update, where we share all of the latest and greatest updates over the past month.

In September we’re launching SmartMatch – believe us, this is going to revolutionise how organisations search for talent! We’re also sharing new upgrades around expenses claiming for teams around the world, revamped employee audit trails and some critical local features.

Keanu Reeves rubbing his hands together in excitement, saying 'I can't wait for this!'
Even Keanu is excited!

Introducing SmartMatch – the future of recruitment

We know how challenging it can be to find the right talent for a role. SmartMatch is here to make all that so much easier, connecting businesses with candidates for open roles – even for roles in your company that haven’t been advertised yet. No more searching the open market for that needle in a haystack. SmartMatch finds the needle for you.

How does it work? SmartMatch takes our vast selection of Swag users and using their profiles, including information about their education and experiences, matches relevant candidates to your roles. You’ll instantly be shown potential candidates without needing to post an ad to start building your recruitment pipeline

This is going to change the game of recruitment. With a constant selection of fantastic talent, businesses can say goodbye to skills shortages.

For employers using the Employment Hero platform, up to 15 candidates will be highlighted next to any roles in your business. You have the option to save candidates for later, add them to your talent pool, contact them directly or list them against a different role you think they’d also be suited to.

SmartMatch appears on the Employment Hero platform, next to job titles
SmartMatch appears next to the job title, with suggestions
Screenshot showing a pop-up of SmartMatch candidates
Clicking the suggestions brings up a list of candidate profiles to consider

This is a constantly evolving feature, so we’ve also made it possible for employers to rate the suggestions they get from SmartMatch. The more feedback we get from you, the more accurate SmartMatch will become.

For more information, visit our SmartMatch FAQs. We’re so excited about the potential of this tool and we hope you find it useful for your business!

Employee Audit Trail gets a glow-up with improved filters and layouts

When there’s lots of updates happening, it can be tricky to keep track. That’s what our Employee Audit Trail is designed to solve, and we’ve just updated it to ensure it’s meeting all your requirements.

As well as a new look and design, our Employee Audit Trail now has updated filtering options so that you can easily narrow down what you’re searching for. We’ve also included new modules for tracking, including changes to `Personal Details’ and ‘Bank Details’, so you can be across every single detail.

Finally, there’s a new column for ‘Channel’, which shows exactly how the change was made – whether that’s by web, mobile or any other platforms.

Screenshot of Employee Audit in Employment Hero

The Employee Audit Trail’s new look

Screenshot of Employee Audit in Employment Hero, showing changes to an employee's bank details
A sample details tab showing changes made to an employee’s banking details

Custom conversion amounts introduced for Global Teams expenses

Our Global Teams employees are based all over the world, so it makes sense that they should be able to claim expenses and be reimbursed in their local currency.

To reflect that, we’ve recently enabled custom reimbursement amounts, so Global Teams employees can insert custom conversion amounts for expenses involving multiple currencies. This will also allow employees to account for disadvantageous exchange rates for transactions in foreign currencies.

Screenshot of expense claim form in Global Teams
The custom currency conversion allows you to choose the exact currency you want to be reimbursed with

Custom Security Settings are here to make data visibility much, much easier

Ensuring the right security settings across an organisation can be complicated. You might want to grant admin level access to certain people for only a few functions, but keep other elements of the platform private. Previously our platform only allowed for blanket management across the business, but we know that wasn’t suitable for everyone.

That’s why we’re updating our Custom Security Settings to be much more customisable. You’ll be able to set up users to have access to management of specific teams, but not for employees outside of those teams. It’s an important way to ensure that you’re keeping all data secure and refining admin access for less confusion later on.

Please note – this will only be available for our Platinum customers.

Custom Security Settings in Employment Hero
Custom Security Settings in action, showing the different permissions for teams

The latest Fair Work Information Statement has been updated to support compliance

Compliance is critical to a business but constant updates to legislation can make things challenging. A recent change in Australia was in the Fair Work Information Statement, which employers must give to all new employees in their business.

To support you in staying up to date, we’ve updated this critical piece of documentation in our induction content in Employment Hero. That way you can be sure that new employees onboarded through the platform are receiving the latest edition of the Fair Work Information Statement.

Follow along every month for the latest and greatest product updates

We want our customers to get the most out of our platform. Whether it’s HR, payroll or benefits, you can expect to find new updates here – all designed to make your world at work easier. If you’d like to stay up to date with all of our content, you can visit our resource hub or follow us on LinkedIn.

Jen Denny
Content Marketing Specialist - Employment Hero
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