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Product Update May 2023

Follow our May 2023 product update as we share all of the latest and greatest features we’ve released over the last month.
Published 11 May 2023
Updated 11 May 2023
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Welcome back to another edition of the Employment Hero product update, where we share all of the latest and greatest updates over the past month.

This month, you’ll learn about our brand new suite of AI enhancements, which takes all of your favourite features you know and love and makes them just that little better, as well as improvements to performance reviews, compliance reporting features and Global Teams onboarding.

A new suite of AI enhancements added to features you already know and love

We all know that staying up to date and investing in technology can help improve efficiency and productivity. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our brand new suite of artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements.

These AI enhancements can help you and your team communicate faster and more effectively, ultimately increasing confidence when communicating with co-workers. In Employment Hero, you can find your new AI helping hand in Shout Outs, Recognition, Job Descriptions, Feedback, Happiness Surveys, 1:1s, Email Templates and more.

We’ve made an AI assisted message generation button, a sparkle “✨” and is available for our Platinum customers to help generate well-crafted messages at the push of a button.

Think of this improvement as your new wordsmith best friend – it’ll give you a helping hand to create thoughtful and meaningful expressions.

Take a look at the full list of AI enhancements. 

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An easier way to onboard Global Teams employees directly from the ATS

Giving your new starters a seamless onboarding experience sets the tone of what their experience will be like. For your employees hired through our Global Teams service, you’ll be able to give them a five star onboarding experience by choosing to onboard directly, or through Global Teams.

You can easily create a Global Teams onboarding request for your “hired” candidates from the ATS, taking out the admin that was previously required. This means you no longer need to re-enter personal data, as the Global Teams onboarding request is pre-populated based on the ATS job listing and candidate details.

GT Onboard

Integrate Goals into Performance Reviews

We all know that performance review time can be admin-heavy. Rattling your brain to document achievements, goals reached and performance throughout the year into one place can take hours on end, which is why we’re excited to announce the integration of Goals into Performance Reviews.

By integrating the employee’s Goals in their Performance Reviews, you can easily refer to employee goals during the review process. This improves the ease and efficiency for the employee and manager to review the employee’s goals progress in the review period, and can assist conversations around successes/achievements, and areas of focus.

Learn about setting up Performance Reviews.

Goals in performance review

Say hello to Swag Stash accounts 

In the Swag Money tab you’ll find a new feature called Swag Stash accounts. Users who have set up a Swag Spend account will be able to open up to nine sub-accounts to transfer and allocate funds from their main Swag Spend account. 

Swag Users can name these accounts, and set targets to help budget better and track expenses. Swag Stash accounts can be set up for Travel, Bills, Groceries, Wellness, Social events and more. The goal is to give Swag users complete visibility of their expenses to help simplify budgeting. Whilst these sub-accounts aren’t savings accounts, they are designed to help users set budget goals for different areas of their life. 

swag wallet

Why create Swag Stash accounts? We want to help employees show up as their best selves to work each day. They can’t do that if they’re stressed about their finances. Swag research shows that 46% of Australian workers are struggling to budget for necessities, and 72% have experienced negative emotions and behaviours – like a dip in their motivation at work – as a result of financial stress. Features like the Swag Stash accounts allow you – the employer – to provide employees with the tools to achieve financial wellbeing and make the most of their pay. 

Learn more about Swag Stash accounts here.

You can now upload documents into Performance Reviews

Having all documents on hand at review time makes the entire process a whole lot easier. That’s why we’ve added the functionality to upload and edit documents in performance review periods.

Now you can easily access all important and relevant documents for a well-rounded performance review without the hassle of ad-hoc files.

document to performance review


Improvements to compliance reporting features

When it comes to compliance, accessing information when you need it (like audits) is critical. That’s why we’ve expanded the filter options of the compliance reports to include Team, Location & Employing Entity to save time when running Audit reports.

We’ve also made compliance reporting easier by adding new details to the printable and downloadable versions of finalised HR documents. This includes who and when they signed the document – all in-platform and digital.

A more comprehensive way to monitor items in the asset register

Keeping track of which employee owns what can be time-consuming. However, with the asset register, you can quickly do just this.

We’ve now made this even better by adding the ability for Admins to add files to their assets in the Asset Register to keep records of receipts, images of assets and more. Users can add files when adding a new asset or when editing an existing asset, and uploaded files will also now show when viewing Asset Details.

Learn more about the Asset Register.


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