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Remote opportunities for equal opportunities

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The topic of diversity, equity and inclusion should be at the top of every business agenda. Create a more fair and equitable environment for your team, and you’ll open up a world of opportunities not just for your business, but for everyone.

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Remote work can help build a more fair and just future for all

The way employers structure their workforces, set working locations, communicate with employees, and build their company culture can be a huge driver in changing society-wide inequalities.

Insight 2.B

When it comes to discrimination in the workplace, there’s lots of work to do

It’s time for employers to step up.

61% of workers from marginalised groups agree they had experienced discrimination at work.

Q. Proportion of marginalised groups who agreed with the following statements

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Insight 2.C

66% of workers from marginalised groups agree that remote work protects them from discrimination in the workplace

Employers can use remote and hybrid working to help their employees experiencing discrimination find relief from toxic situations.

Those affected can have time away from the workplace while employers work to resolve issues and create better environments.

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