Using this Dashboard

Welcome to the Employment Hero Remote Work Report Interactive Dashboard!
This is your place to discover the findings from our 2022 Remote Work Report. Whether you want to see the overall results or dive deeper into opinions from employees in your demographic, you have the freedom to explore.

Here’s how you use it

  1. To navigate the dashboard slides, click the menu on the left. From here, you can find information about our survey respondents and click between the categories of our research.
  2. To discover different demographics - whether that be country, region, age, gender, parental status or industry - click the ‘Filter’ button in the top right-hand corner. Whichever filters you apply will then be visible next to the ‘Filter’ button. Please note: Your filters will only apply to the selected slide.
  3. So, you’ve applied filters and found some interesting data? Now’s the time to share it. Use the ‘Export’ button in the top right-hand corner to download your results.

Here are our best practice tips.

  • Before exporting the data, check that your filters have been applied to your current slide. If you are exporting more than one page, ensure the right filters have been applied to all pages. You can view your applied filters next to the ‘Filter’ button at the top of the page.
  • Remember; the more filters you apply, the smaller your sample size will be. This means that the confidence level of the finding is reduced. For example, if you’re searching for how women in Australia feel about remote working, your result will be stronger than if you searched for how women in Australia in consumer services and aged 25-34 feel about remote working. A simple rule of thumb; less (filters) is more (certainty).
  • If you’re viewing the dashboard without any filters, you’re viewing an evenly weighted average of the five regions combined; Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

The dashboard is best viewed on a desktop/laptop device