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What is micromanagement?

Micromanagement is a management style where the manager closely controls and supervises employees. This can be done by monitoring their work, giving them specific instructions, and micromanaging their time.

Micromanagement can be effective in some situations, but in most situations, it is an ineffective leadership style.

Why is micromanagement bad?

When micromanagement is used excessively, it can lead to employees feeling resentful and controlled.

This can lead to them feeling like they are not trusted to do their job, and it can negatively impact their motivation and morale.

Excessive micromanagement can also lead to employees feeling stressed and overworked.

How can managers delegate tasks better?

If you’re a manager, try to avoid micromanaging your employees. If you’re an employee, try to speak up if you feel like you’re being micromanaged.

Micromanagement is a problem that can be solved with better communication and delegation.

Here are a few ways that managers can delegate tasks better:

Set clear expectations for employees

Give employees the autonomy to complete tasks in their own way

Trust employees to do their job

Provide feedback and support, but don’t micromanage

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