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Employee Coaching Plan Template [Free Download]

Published 8 Mar 2022

Learning at work can help employees tackle unique challenges, spark new ideas, build confidence, and keep their skills relevant. It’s always been an essential part of employee engagement, but in the current climate, its relevance is even more prominent.

What’s in this employee coaching plan template?

This employee coaching template can help further your employees’ personal and professional growth.

In here, you’ll find a breakdown of the areas where coaching is required, and steps to create a game plan to support improvement.

To get started, share the document with your employee and ask them to fill it out. Then book in a meeting and walk through each section to begin the coaching experience.

What is an employee coaching plan?

An employee coaching plan is a structured strategy that will help you support your team members on their way to success.

Creating this kind of plan can help your employees align their coaching needs with their future goals, and gives you as a manager a clear understanding of how you will give guidance. It’s a document that you can refer to time and time again as your employees work towards their objectives.

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How does employee coaching help with professional development?

The two things are intertwined. As you coach your employees, you will be helping them grow as a professional.

It’s a process of constant improvement and development. Sometimes the actions taken through coaching will constitute direct learning opportunities (the coach teaches a new skill), and sometimes they will operate as an ongoing casual knowledge exchange. Either way, through the coaching process your employees will grow as professionals.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentorship? Learn more about the role of mentorship programs in the workplace.

How do you write an employee coaching plan?

Well, this template is your first stop.

When you create an employee coaching plan, you need structure – otherwise it’s easy for the plan to come apart.

Noting down a well-formatted plan can help you properly understand the motivations behind coaching, the reason for coaching, the company alignment of coaching, ideal outcomes and then the first steps that both the manager and employee need to take.

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Key elements of a coaching plan

So what’s inside this template, and why? Let’s cover the key elements.

The Why

It’s important to have a transparent understanding of why you and your employee are undertaking this coaching plan. Motivations can stem from experiencing difficulties at work, to building up to a promotion to moving to a new department.

It doesn’t matter whether your employee is spurred by failures or successes, the most important thing is that there’s now an opportunity for professional and personal growth.

The game plan

Now you need to get down to the nitty gritty of the process.

Outline up to six clear steps on how your employee will achieve their objectives, with your coaching assistance. Try to keep these steps to actionable and specific items which are easy to follow and structured in an order which makes sense.

The timeline

What will happen, when?

Once you have the steps to take, decide when you will take them. Creating deadlines can keep you and your employees on track with their coaching progress, and make sure that no part of the plan is lost in the flurry of everyday working life.

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What is the best way to coach an employee?

There’s lots of different strategies when it comes to employee coaching, and there’s no right way to do it, per se.

However, it’s important to remember the difference between ‘coaching’ and ‘telling’ while coaching.

When managers are coaching an employee, they want to help them achieve their goals. That often results in seeking solutions themselves when an employee comes to them with a roadblock or issue. But this defeats the purpose of coaching.

If you’re coaching a swimmer, you’re not going to jump in the pool when they get fatigued and finish their race. You’re going to keep cheering them on from the sidelines, and help them identify strategies that keep them swimming.

The same goes for professional coaching. When your employee hits a roadblock, encourage them to seek their own solutions and talk through their ideas with them in a one-on-one meeting. This could include asking open-ended questions like;

  • “What do you think your options are for removing this roadblock?”
  • “What is the main issue that is causing this roadblock?”
  • “Are there possible ways we could pivot to avoid this roadblock?”
  • “What are three vastly different solutions that you think could work to resolve this issue?”

Allowing your employees to come to their own solutions, with your encouragement and feedback, can be incredibly empowering. It’s a great way to build confidence and bolster future success; and that’s what coaching is all about.

Help your team members to back themselves, every step of the way.

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