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Employment Hero Launches Expenses

Employment Hero is very excited to announce the launch of new feature, Expenses, to our Premium and Platinum HR customers on desktop and mobile devices.
Published 25 Aug 2021
Updated 9 Dec 2022
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A big (and exciting!) hello from the Employment Hero Product Team.

Employment Hero is very excited to announce the launch of new feature, Expenses, to our Premium and Platinum HR customers on desktop and mobile devices.

Expenses has been a very popular feature request and this release reflects our commitment to building a complete HR management platform that evolves with our customers’ needs.

Why have we introduced Expenses?

We know that sometimes employees are required to spend their own money on things their employer would pay for, and request reimbursement after the purchase has been made. Whether you’re an employer or employee, keeping track of receipts and when payments have been made or approved can be difficult.

Now, there’s an easy way for you to stay on top of employee expenses, all from one central place.

Expenses offers employees the ability to create a claim, snap a photo of their receipt and submit it to their manager for approval.

The process is simple – we’ll keep them updated with notifications of any status change and the date of payment once it’s paid.screenshot of Employment Hero - Create claim - expenses

Managers will have visibility in the one place of all of their employees’ claims. They can approve, decline or send a comment to the employee if they need further information before making a decision on the claim.

Just like employees, we’ll keep managers up to date with notifications of new claims requiring review. We’ll also keep you across any resubmitted claims their employees have sent in response to a comment made.Screenshot of Expense Management

A CSV can be downloaded for any approved claims and passed on to the payroll or finance team who can arrange payment of the claims. Once payment has been made, the payment date and status can be updated in the claims to keep an accurate history of what happened.

Please note: Expenses does not integrate with your payroll platform. Instead, you can easily export expenses from Employment Hero and provide these to your payroll admin to action.

Getting started with Employment Hero Expenses

Premium and Platinum HR customers can start using Expenses now. If you can’t see Expenses in the main menu, you can enable it via Customisations > Menu in the main menu, and check the Expenses box for both employees and independent contractors

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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