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Employee Engagement Software.

Engage your people. Even on Mondays.

Monday mornings. We love em’. Effective engagement for your team starts – and continues – here.

Create a company culture like no other

Everyone should enjoy work. Create a work culture your team loves. Give them what they want and create loyalty now – and for many years to come.

Keep your team strategically aligned

Different teams? Different locations? Different goals? Not a worry. Get – and stay – on the same page company-wide with our suite of strategic alignment features.

Build and maintain trust company-wide

Employee monitoring? It’s not needed. Your team are your cheerleaders and your champions. Instill the trust they deserve so you can focus on output over hours.

Effective employee engagement. Starts now.

Reward and recognition

Recognise success and see your team thrive. Rewarding great work just got a whole lot easier.

Employee happiness surveys

Happy employees? You've got em'. Gauge the happiness of your team via monthly employee engagement surveys and receive valuable anonymous feedback.

Objectives and key results (OKRs)

Ambitious goals. Different teams. Same page. Clearly view how everyone is contributing to the wider business goals on a team and individual level. It’s goal alignment, made simple.

Pay correctly and on time

Payroll admin a time-consuming task? Not anymore. Automate your payruns, timesheets and leave requests with a few clicks, so your team gets paid on time – every time.

“Before Employment Hero, everything was on paper. Now it takes half the time to do everything.”
Katri Tormanen, HR and Office Admin

Employee engagement software FAQs

Employee engagement software is a digital tool designed to measure and improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and motivation. Employee engagement software typically includes features such as employee feedback surveys, employee recognition tools, and provides engagement analytics along with actionable insights to improve employee experience.

One of the primary benefits of having engaged employees is it helps businesses improve retention rates and employee satisfaction. Employees who feel more engaged and motivated are more likely to stay with their employer and perform at a higher level.

One of the key features of employee engagement tools is the peer-to-peer employee feedback.

Peer-to-peer recognition has been found to have a positive effect on employee motivation, performance and job satisfaction. By acknowledging and appreciating the work of individual employees, organisations can not only increase employee engagement, but also build a strong sense of community among their workforce – leading to improved communication and performance.

Employee engagement software can be a great asset for HR teams to get an accurate view of the overall employee experience. With the data and insights obtained from employee feedback, HR teams can focus on key areas of improvement and design initiatives that are best suited to engage employees.

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