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You’re on our New Zealand website

With you at every stage of the employee lifecycle

See why we're the leading HR,
payroll and benefits solution for
businesses with big ambitions.

Automated HR.

Induct new recruits online. Make performance reviews a breeze. Manage your people with built in contracts, policies and HR templates.

It's payroll. Just faster.

Save your time with automated payroll. Enjoy the benefits of easy payday filing and take care of workforce planning — all in one simple place.

Hello global teams.

Goodbye admin. Hire anyone, from anywhere in the world, with ease. We've automated local compliance — so you can stay focused on your people.

From onboarding to offboarding. It's all here.

Ready to recruit?
Do it like a pro.

Streamlined recruitment? You betcha. Securely manage all candidates so you start your recruitment process on the right foot – every time.

Beautiful onboarding.
Because first impressions count.

Onboarding made simple. Give your team an experience they’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Easy payments.
Simple payments.

Take the guesswork out of the tricky stuff. Keep up to date, save time and pay your people with automated payroll.

Engage your people.
Even on Mondays.

Monday mornings. We love em’. Effective engagement for your team starts – and continues – here.

People analytics.
In real time.

Know what your people want. Stay compliant, keep happiness high and understand how to make strategic decisions with data.

Goodbyes are hard.
We make them easier.

Saying goodbye is hard, so let us help you. We’ll manage your employee admin so you can take one less thing off your plate.

Additional features

Attract top talent

Stand out candidates who want to work for you? Learn to attract the best – so you can be the best.

Complete digital HR

Spending hours on employee admin? We’ll show you a more efficient way to elevate your team. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to amazing software.

Performance and feedback

Embrace feedback and create a positive culture to match. Create a team at the top of their game and fulfil big career ambitions.


Invest in your team and reap the benefits long term. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

Innovation, reliability, customer service. Tick, gold medal, five stars.

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G2 Highest User Adoption Award
G2 Payroll High Performer Award
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Manage all your HR with ease.

We’re the all-in-one employment solution for businesses with big ambitions.
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