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Global Teams is a best in class global employer of record (EOR) that enables you to hire based on skill, not location. Whether youโ€™re expanding into new markets or struggling to fill open roles, we connect the best talent with the best employers, legally and ethically.

Find your unicorn. Yesterday.
Access the best talent

Access highly skilled remote employees across different industries.

Skip the headache

No recruiters, no overseas entities, no risk. We do it all for you.

All-in-one solution

Manage, pay, motivate and reward your local and global teams together.

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Hire skilled, permanent employees from Barcelona to Singapore without the compliance and tax burden.

Manage remote teams with ease

Your employer of record (EOR)

Employment Hero acts as the employer of record (EOR) or as a professional employment organisation (PEO) for employees based outside markets you already operate in.

Expand your talent pool

Grow your talent pool with skilled candidates, retain staff who are moving overseas or expand into new markets with the help of local knowledge. All without the stress of setting up a local entity.

Automated local compliance

Employment Hero acts as the employer of record in the region of your employee. They work for you - but we manage the admin; EOR payroll services, local tax and pension minimums, insurance obligations and more.

Pricing that works for you

Pricing is per employee, and based on laws and obligations in each region. If you have employees working overseas that arenโ€™t paid in local currency, weโ€™ll show you how easy employing them legally is.

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