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WorkXtra streamlines HR and payroll with Employment Hero

Published 5 Feb 2019
3 min read

WorkXrta AgedCare has been providing highly skilled therapists to aged care facilities across the country for over 5 years. Renowned for its multidisciplinary approach to residential care, the company has experienced significant growth since its inception.

People and Culture Manager, Andrew Sarunic, has seen 100% year on year growth in employee numbers in the last five years. But, with no existing HRIS, it was well and truly time to implement one.


Highly-regulated industry

Though onboarding and HR administration tasks were becoming increasingly cumbersome, the biggest motivation for WorkXtra to find an HRIS was the nature of the aged care industry. Says Andrew, “compliance is a very big part of the service we offer. For our occupational therapists and physiotherapists to legally deliver services, we needed to be able to ensure everyone was compliant and we needed systems to track that compliance and notify us when certifications were expiring.”

WorkXtra chose Employment Hero to help them stay compliant in a heavily regulated industry. The HR platform guaranteed not only their own professional standards but eased the burden of the auditing process. “It was really time-consuming,” says Jason. “At any time you can have a spot check and the compliance needed to be met.”


Making the change at WorkXtra

Because WorkXtra already had collated their employee data in spreadsheets, the transition to Employment Hero was seamless. Signing up for Employment Hero Premium and Employment Hero Payroll, Andrew was impressed with the ability to adjust the platform to the company’s specific requirements. “We completed the rollout in stages, importing employees first and then syncing them with payroll. We needed to modify some of the ways things worked to utilise the functionality and the service was great”.

The perfect fit for the WorkXtra business model

WorkXtra is a mobile and national service, so it was crucial that Andrew had visibility across the whole network of his therapists. The reporting feature gives Andrew the ability to see who has submitted certifications, as well as notifying him when those are expiring. “Compliance levels are increasing and Employment Hero prompts the therapists to ensure they’re meeting compliance requirements. The reporting saves a lot of time for every new service agreement, audit and report to see who meets compliance.”

The app offers the same flexibility to WorkXtra’s team, too. “The app is really handy. With our staff working off-site, a therapist can be asked to check the compliance when they’re on location and now they can access it all on their phone. The system is so straight-forward and the interface means they can manage their employee details themselves.”


Employment Hero Payroll

Another advantage to WorkXtra has been the massive reduction of back and forth between HR and payroll at the company. Employment Hero Payroll and Employment Hero speak to each other so fluently that double or triple handling data – and the propensity for human error – is no longer a concern for the organisation.

Payroll has also benefited from the HR side of things, too. “Employment Hero helps us track payments that occur outside of payroll. When we hire someone, they may get a relocation reimbursement which isn’t through payroll but needs to be paid from the same accounts. They’re set up as tasks in Employment Hero and as soon as it’s a task, a reminder is sent making payroll managers accountable for the payment.”

WorkXtra also manages rostering through Employment Hero Payroll, which has again significantly reduced the number of resources WorkXtra needs for their people management. “With the rosters having access to the number of hours and days a therapist is available, they don’t need a middleman to track availability and staff can access it all through the app.”


Businesses that are expanding rapidly like WorkXtra can expect to see a huge return when investing in Employment Hero. The platform automates traditionally time-intensive tasks and allows businesses to focus on their growth with the confidence that their HR and payroll processes can scale with them.

For those like WorkXtra who are operating in highly regulated industries, Employment Hero offers unparalleled visibility across your entire network of employees (including those working remotely) to ensure policies are acknowledged and certifications are instantly retrievable and up-to-date. Book a demo today.

Andrew Sarunic
People and Culture Manager - WorkXtra Aged Care
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