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Employee Exit Interview Template

Published 31 Jan 2022
employee exit interview template - man walking out of an office

No one ever likes saying goodbye.

Many HR professionals and employers gloss over the exit interview, but they’re actually a golden opportunity.

While an employee leaving your company may be a hard thing to process, it’s one that should be leveraged properly. When someone leaves, it creates an opportunity for you to gain insightful feedback into the overall employee experience, allowing you to improve in areas that might require a little TLC.

Why are exit interviews important?

During an exit interview, you’re likely to get the most honest, and the most helpful, feedback. They are also a final signal that you value the person and their thoughts. It’s a nice boost for the individual during offboarding that could farewell them with an open mind to returning in the future.

From this feedback, you can work to implement new strategies and focus on key parts of the employee experience to help reduce turnover and keep happiness and engagement high.

But what exactly should you ask in an exit interview, so that everyone can get the most out of it?

We’ve rounded up the best questions, plus some helpful tips and tricks, in this free Exit Interview template.

What’s in the employee exit interview template?

This exit interview template can be used to help you manage an employee’s departure from your business. Here, you’ll find a range of different questions to ask that can help you gain a greater understanding of their reason for leaving.

This template will also help you gain insight into how you can improve the employee experience going forward. 

Download the template now.

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