Money is
a source of
stress for most employees

Are you finding that everyday life is more expensive these days? Rising inflation, combined with issues like worker shortages and supply chain issues, the cost of living is skyrocketing - and employees are feeling the pressure.

IN 2022

Employees are navigating a rollercoaster economy. Personal finances are becoming more complicated than ever.

Do employees feel they are being paid fairly?

We asked employees this tricky question, and the results tell a mixed story. While just over half said yes, a significant 32% said no. When comparing themselves to the average worker, only 31% felt that their pay was above average.

Financial stress can creep into the workday

Financial stress is one of the most insidious types of anxiety. It has the uncanny ability to seep into every part of an individual’s life, and it’s on many employees’ minds at work.

Money remains a taboo topic in the workplace

Money can be an awkward subject at the best of times, but talking about it at work can be especially tense.  The resistance open discussions are a real barrier to providing financial support at work.

Building financial knowledge at work

While financial incentives are at the top of employees’ lists in terms of employer support, they are also seeking financial education to help them take control of their money.


“...ensure that the remuneration package for each employee is both fair and in-line with inflation and decent living standards.”


Employees will be loyal to businesses that care

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