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10 Kiwi leaders to follow on LinkedIn

Looking for inspiring leadership content? Discover the top Kiwi leaders to follow on Linkedin and get access to helpful tips, articles, and resources.
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There’s plenty of inspiration to be found on LinkedIn if you’re a business leader, from innovative ideas to interesting connections. Whether you’re an active user or just an occasional checker, there are some gems to be found in the one billion profiles on the platform. After some savvy searching and connecting, you can make your LinkedIn feed as gripping as your TikTok faves.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out our favourite Kiwi leaders with active profiles on LinkedIn. They’re all definitely worth a follow to liven up your feed, from business leadership advice to important payroll information.

Jason Gunn

Relationship-building is such a key part of a successful business, and Jason Gunn has made it his career to support professionals in effective communication and connection. His posts range from a day in his role to helpful tips on running a great presentation. He often posts engaging and fun videos from all sorts of locations too. Check out Jason’s profile here. 

Frances Cook

Frances Cook is a prominent business journalist who works as the Investments Editor for BusinessDesk. She also hosts the Cooking the Books podcast, a weekly personal finance podcast which is well worth a listen. On LinkedIn she shares her latest podcast episodes, thoughts on effective money management and the odd meme too. Check out Frances’ profile here. 

Tony Alexander

If the New Zealand economy is often in your thoughts (which is likely, if you lead or work in a business!), Tony Alexander is a great person to follow on LinkedIn. He’s a leading economics expert who previously worked as the Chief Economist for the Bank of New Zealand for over 26 years. These days he regularly shares his thoughts on the economy for the national media and on his LinkedIn feed. Check out Tony’s profile here. 

Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur is the founder of Girls That Invest, a stock market podcast that has listeners around the globe. She’s also a regular keynote speaker and has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30. She often shares her latest updates and thoughts on the world of financial literacy and business on her LinkedIn. Her insights are often illuminating and prompt discussions in the comments, so well worth a follow. Check out Simran’s profile here. 

Dave Letele

Dave Letele is a life coach and founder of the BBM Program. The BBM Program is an organisation designed to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst Maori and Pacific People. As well as fitness support, the organisation offers practical support for those doing it tough, including community kitchens and social supermarkets. His LinkedIn page often shows the amazing work of the BBM Program, as well as his personal perspective. Check out Dave’s profile here. 

Irene Bennetts

Irene Bennetts is the founder and CEO of Admin Army, a business support service that provides bookkeeping and administration services. She often shares her insights based on her experience with her clients, as well as thoughts on the nature of leadership and the challenges of running a business. Here at Employment Hero, we’re a big fan of her work, and recently awarded Admin Army our NZ 2023 Partner of the Year at our Transformation Awards. Check out Irene’s profile here. 

Wyndi Tagi

Manūmailagi Wyndi Tagi is the CEO and co-founder of WE Mana, an accounting and business advisory company, as well as co-Chair for Manukau Institute of Technology Rūnanga, and Board Member for the Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum (ANZLF) Indigenous Women’s Business Network. With such a busy schedule, Wyndi’s LinkedIn posts are varied and interesting, with insights on business, leadership and teamwork. Check out Wyndi’s profile here.

Karyn Campbell

If you dread doing the monthly pay run or are intrigued about new (and better) ways to do payroll, it’s worth following Karyn Campbell. Karyn is a payroll expert and the owner of Payroll Consult which reviews payroll setup and processes for New Zealand businesses. She regularly shares payroll tips and tricks on her LinkedIn profile, as well as her perspective as a business founder. Check out Karyn’s profile here. 

Stefan Korn

Callaghan Innovation provides funding for business, technology and scientific discovery, so if you’re looking for a peek at the future, you might want to follow the organisation’s CEO, Stefan Korn. He regularly shares his thoughts on how New Zealand’s businesses could evolve in the years ahead, and covers all sorts of topics, such as AI and the probability of startup success. Check out Stefan’s profile here.

Lisa Martin

Accountants may have a reputation for being a little serious, but accountant Lisa Martin’s LinkedIn presence is a vibrant and fun hub of advice and tips. Lisa is the owner of GoFi8ure, an accounting firm based in Wellington that supports businesses across the country. Her LinkedIn posts are worth checking out, as you’ll benefit from her expertise in all things business and accounts, delivered in an engaging way. Check out Lisa’s profile here. 

These ten leaders in New Zealand are sharing the business insights and inspiration you need for a top tier LinkedIn feed. Happy following!

Jen Denny
Content Marketing Specialist - Employment Hero
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