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Reward and Recognition Features

According to Forbes, recognition is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work. Global studies prove that when it comes to inspiring people to be their best at work, nothing else comes close — not even higher pay, promotion, autonomy or training.

That’s why we developed Shout Outs and Recognition to help companies develop stronger employee engagement. Reward and recognition helps employees be more productive and profitable. Here’s Shout Outs and Recognition will work.

Recognition is a new way for employers to reward and recognise their employees when they go above and beyond the expectations of their role. Each Recognition is attributed to one of your nominated company values, so that each nomination is an opportunity to not only recognise your employees for their performance, but also showcase and reinforce your values company-wide. 

Recognitions don’t just recognise the employee for their contributions; they reward them. Admins and account owners can nominate a universal amount of Hero Dollars to reward employees who receive Recognitions, that can then be spent in Employment Hero’s marketplace, Discounts.

Employees can be nominated by both their peers and managers, however the Recognition must be approved before it is awarded. If admins choose to do so, line managers can also be given permission to award Recognitions as they come in, however if they do, they should be sure to train line managers on the difference between Shout Outs and Recognitions.

Speaking of, what is the difference between a Shout Out and Recognition? Shout Outs are an opportunity for employees to recognise their colleagues when they do good work, or help them on a project. However, unlike with Recognitions, Shout Outs are a acknowledgement of an employee excelling in tasks that fall under the expectations of their role. Recognising employees for good work is essential to keeping them engaged, but Recognitions are reserved for employees who exceed the expectations of their role.

Recognitions will display in the company feed, along with Shout Outs and other company announcements.

How to Enable Recognitions

  1. Sign in to Employment Hero as either an admin or account owner
  2. Navigate to General Settings, then click on Recognition.
  3. Set up your Company Values
  4. Identify who can approve Recognitions and how many Hero Dollars employees will receive per nomination.
  5. Purchase Hero Dollars to cover the Recognitions


Once you have enabled Recognitions, employees can then create them on either mobile or desktop by:

  1. Navigating to the company dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Shout out and recognise your peers’, then select ‘Recognise a Teammate’.
  3. Choose who you’d like to recognise, which value you’d like to recognise them for and then write a reason for the recognise and click Send.
  4. The nomination will then need to be approved or rejected by the designated manager or account admin.
    a) If the nomination is approved, the nominated employee will receive a notification that they’ve been nominated and the nomination will appear in the company feed for everyone to see.
    b) If the nomination is declined, the admin or manager will need to provide a reason. The person who created the Recognition will be then notified why their nomination was declined. 

Shout Outs and Recognitions are available on Platinum subscriptions only.

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