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Beta Blog: Hero Learning

Introducing Hero Learning

Hero Learning is Employment Hero’s latest feature to launch in open beta* and is an LMS (or learning management system) for Australian businesses with existing learning pathways, or are looking to provide learning and development opportunities to their workforce.

Hero Learning allows employers to build, manage, assign, track and report all training requirements for their business. Examples of use include training a new employee on standard procedures like closing the tills, sales training, office ergonomics or customer service.

With Hero Learning, you can assign learning content as part of new employees’ onboarding, or assign it to employees as they transition between roles (like promoting to manager). Pathways can also be assigned to groups of employees (for example, the whole sales team).

Managers will be able to quickly and easily see how their teams are progressing through their learning pathways with statuses viewable inside the Employment Hero platform. They’ll also be able to set quizzes and tests to make sure employees are absorbing the courses they’re enrolled in. 

How to use Hero Learning

  1. To enable Hero Learning for your business, admins or account owners can sign into Employment Hero, click on the beta symbol and switch the toggle for Hero Learning ‘on’.
  2. After you have switched Hero Learning on, click on Learning in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. In the My Learnings tab, you can see what courses have been assigned to you, the status of those courses (not started, in progress or completed), course start date and a link to the course itself.
  4. By clicking ‘View’, your course will open in another browser window.
  5. As an admin or account owner, you can also click Settings to create or assign courses to your employees, or manage learners or learning groups.

You will need to recreate any of your existing learning pathways into your Hero Learning Library by uploading your existing material. If you have any questions, please email beta@employmenthero.com.

*Features in open beta are subject to change based on common, unforeseen pain points that disrupt the user experience. Your feedback is invaluable to the development of Employment Hero features in open beta – please feel free to provide any and all feedback to our product owners at beta@employmenthero.com.


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